Types of Commercial Roofing Solutions

By Haris Saeed posted 11-14-2019 05:40


Most people will tell you that roofs can be the most boring topic that one could talk about. It is true that roofs are really lack luster. However, there is a lot more to roof than one might think. In fact, even the most basic roofs have a lot going on. With that said, you will never hear anyone brag about their roofs. The only time when you hear people talking about roofs is when they are considering having their roof repaired, upgraded, or installed. Today, we are going to talk about commercial roofing solutions. We are going to discuss what solutions are available for commercial buildings and what do they do.

Commercial roofing is a lot different from residential roofing. The types of solutions and the process of application all vary greatly. If you are about to have your commercial roof worked on, you will need to get in touch with a roofing company that specializes in commercial work. You can check out the best Aurora commercial roofing company over here. Let’s begin going through the major types of commercial roofing solutions available at the moment.

Major Types of Commercial Roofing Solutions

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

Spray Polyurethane Foam has been around since the 1960s. This technology isn’t too well-known as a roofing option, but it can be pretty useful. SPF is easy to apply, incredibly long lasting, and offers superb waterproofing. SPF is essentially a foam like liquid that hardens once it has been sprayed over a surface.

This material is perfect for use on large, flat roofs. SPF is also known for providing great insulation. A well-applied SPF roof can make your building a lot more energy efficient. SPF is an environmentally friendly solution as well. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and neither does it release any vapors.

Metal Roofing

Sheets of corrugated metal have been used on commercial roofs for a very long time now. This roofing solution is simple, long lasting, and can also add to your roof’s strength. Metal roofing is ideally used on commercial buildings that are prone to fire hazards. This is due to the fact that metal roofing solutions are a lot more resistant to fire damage.

Metal roofing typically involves installing galvanized or treated sheets of metal on top of an existing roof. These roofs are far more stable in rougher weather as well. A well-made metal roof can keep your roof covered for up to 40 years.

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing

This roofing solution is perhaps the most popular option in commercial roofing. It basically consists of rubber sheets that are adhered to your roof. These roofs can be glued or fastened onto your roof. You can choose from a variety of rubber materials in this solution. This makes single-ply membrane quite versatile; you can choose the right material according to your needs and your budget.

This roofing method is tried and tested, and is suitable for a large variety of rooftops. It can be cost effective and also provides decent fire resistance. In fact, some single-ply materials even have class-A fire ratings. The wide range of options in this roofing solution allow for a lot of customization. Depending on the type of material you use, this solution can offer insulation and/or heat reflection.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofs are incredibly common and are often seen on residential roofs. They can also be applied to commercial buildings with sloped roofs. Shingle roofs can be made of a variety of materials, including; metal, ceramic, plastic, and wood. Shingle roofs look great and can be quite durable. Their cosmetic appeal makes them really popular as an architectural choice.

Apart from looking good and being robust, shingle roofs can also be easy to repair. This makes them more cost effective from a maintenance point of view.

Tar And Gravel Roofing

Tar and gravel roofs are quite common in commercial buildings. These roofs can be quite durable and offer pretty good protection from the elements. Their simplicity also makes them easy to maintain. Tar and gravel roofs are also known as built-up roofs because of their layer by layer structure. These roofs consist of a number of layers of gravel and tar. The more layers a roof has, the more insulating it can be.

Tar and gravel roofs are cost effective and can last you for a very long time. A well-made roof can last as long as 40 years.

These are all the major roofing solutions that are available for commercial roofing. What makes these solutions ideal is that they are all cost effective and reliable. They offer insulation, waterproofing, and also increase a building’s fire resistance. And most of these solutions have long lifespans as well. This makes them superb options for a wide range of commercial buildings.

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