A Guide To Double Glazing Window Styles

By Haris Saeed posted 07-16-2019 06:11


Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, property developer, architect or construction firm, choosing windows always plays an important part in increasing the value, and updating the aesthetic, of a property.   

If you are considering purchasing new double glazing windows for a property, but you aren’t entirely sure whether you can source a suitable style or finish to meet your personal requirements, have a read through our guide below. 

Sash and Case Windows

Sash and Case Windows were especially popular in the 1960s and now, they are experiencing an overwhelming revival as homeowners across the UK are reinstating sash windows to retain the classic style of their period property. Modern sash windows, now available with double glazing, allow homeowners the opportunity to retain the traditional look of their home whilst improving insulation and security. 

Reversible Windows

As versatile choice in window with practical operation, reversible windows are being installed in more and more homes across the UK. For properties with small rooms, saving space is crucial, and reversible windows solve the problem of limited room for manoeuvre.  

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are, without a doubt, the most popular choice for new windows in the UK. Not only are there now a cost-effective option in comparison to some other, more premium styles, but they can be individually tailored to suit your personal style. UPVC windows are widely available in a huge range of colours and finishes to suit even the most particular of tastes. Not only this, but UPVC windows are installed complete with a  variety of industry-leading security features. 

Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing windows, as a whole, are present in the majority of UK homes. Double glazing comes with a range of priceless benefits, including increased insulation, noise reduction, overall energy efficiency, increased security, and more. With advice and installation provided by a double glazing company, double glazing windows stand the test of time and can transform your home into a safe, warm space.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Perhaps not as common as standard UPVC windows but equally as secure and aesthetically pleasing, many window suppliers are seeing an increase in demand for tilt and turn windows. Tilt and turn windows, as you can probably guess, can be tilted and turned to suit your preferences. For discrete ventilation and improved security, tilt and turn windows are a great solution. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a common choice for many homeowners and present a unique look and finish. Bay windows are made up of three window panels, and project at sharp angles. In fact, many property owners utilise bay windows as the centrepiece of a room and can be customised to suit many different styles of homes. 

Helpful? We Hope So!

Many people find themselves surprised at the versatility of double glazing windows, in terms of style, functionality and finish. If you’re still undecided as to which kind of double glazing window would suit your property best and meet your budget, it’s always a good idea to speak to a local double glazing specialist for friendly, no obligation advice.