5 Beach Beauty Tips for Summer

By Haris Saeed posted 06-07-2019 08:14


When you think of the ideal look for a summer day at the beach, simple and carefree are probably some of the first adjectives to come to mind. However, beach beauty isn’t always as simple as it seems. From choosing the perfect bikini, deciding on a cute but low-maintenance hairstyle, and creating a natural makeup look that also protects your skin from the sun’s harsh rays, it takes a lot of work to achieve perfect, casual beach-ready beauty. 

Simplify your beach beauty this summer. Stay comfortable, confident, and protected from the dangers of the sun, salt, and sand with these five beach beauty tips in your back pocket.

  1. Prioritize Sun Protection 

Proper sun protection is the most important thing to keep up with while you’re at the beach in order to preserve your long-term beauty—and health.

Apply sunscreen from head to toe, including your face, before you head to the beach. Makeup with SPF only counts if you cover your entire face with it and if it includes at least SPF 30. Don’t forget lip balm with SPF, too. Re-apply your sunscreen all over every two hours you spend in the sun. For good measure, throw on sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and a cover-up to add both style and more sun protection to your beach look.

  1. Go High-Waisted

High-waisted bikinis are ultra-trendy and universal flattering. High-waisted bikini bottoms act as discreet shapewear that gently and imperceptibly smooths your mid-section to boost your confidence on the beach and keep your look in line with current trends.

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  1. Sweat-Proof Your Makeup 

Makeup is not a necessity for a beach day, but many women don’t like to go completely bare-faced—even if they plan to spend the whole day in the sand the surf. Whether or not you decide to wear makeup to the beach is a personal choice, but sweat-proofing your makeup is crucial if you do decide to rock a face of makeup while you lounge in the sand. 

There are few things more frustrating than watching your carefully-applied makeup run down your face as soon as you step out into the sun. Sweat-proofing your makeup before heading to the beach is key for keeping your face looking fresh all day long.  

Keep your makeup sheer and simple—no eye makeup—and start with a generous layer of primer to put up a protective barrier between your sweaty skin and your makeup. Use lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF and silicone. The added silicone will help keep the makeup from melting and running down your skin while you’re out in the sun. Add color to your skin with powder blush and bronzer that won’t run. Finish off your beach-ready makeup look with a layer of setting spray.   

  1. Nourish Your Skin/Hair 

Exposure to salt water at the beach can severely dry out your skin and hair. Even if you stay away from the ocean, the level of saltwater in the air at the beach can still suck moisture out of your skin and hair.   

Sand at the beach is also rough on your skin. All in all, a day at the beach is tough on both your skin and your hair—even if you take sun damage out of the equation. You can use coconut oil to moisturize your skin and your hair, both before and after you hit the beach. Wash your face with hydrating rose water before applying your normal face moisturizer.

  1. Take Off Your Sunscreen ASAP 

It is absolutely crucial to wear sunscreen for the entire duration of time that you are out in the sun at the beach. Sun protection is key to keeping your skin safe, healthy, and beautiful during the summertime.

That being said, sunscreen—although a necessity—is not necessarily the best thing for your skin in terms of keeping breakouts at bay. Sunscreen tends to be thick and can clog your pores, leading to body breakouts—especially for people who already struggle with acne. Using a tinted moisturizer with SPF or special lightweight face sunscreen can help you avoid clogged pores and breakouts on your face.  

Warding off body breakouts when you’re slathering yourself in sunscreen can be a little more challenging, though. After you’re out of the sun for the day, take off your sunscreen ASAP. Use a makeup wipe on your face and wash your face thoroughly. Take a shower as soon as possible when you get home from your day at the beach and use a gentle exfoliating scrub and a loofah on the rest of your body to slough sunscreen residue and dead skin cells off of your skin.