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When you should send out your press release

By Haris Saeed posted 05-28-2019 04:01


Most of the people send their press release to the news websites so that their event or brand can be promoted in a better way but sometimes it happens that their press release does not get accepted. It can happen due to different reasons like your press release was not well written or there were no any interesting thing mentioned in the whole press release. While the other reason could be the timing when the press release was sent.

You may be thinking that what is a relation of time with the acceptance or rejection of the press release? Well, there is a relation because the appropriate time when the editors are not busy and free to focus on some additional task can allow you to have your press release accepted.

Well, there are some of the surveys according to which we are able to tell that which is the best day and time to send your press release for press release distribution to have higher chance of acceptance.

Best Day to Send Press Release

According to our surveys, we found out on which days editors commonly open their emails. You might be thinking that it is Monday because they feel fresh and relaxed after holidays or Tuesday, but it is not. It is Thursday when most of the editors check their emails and the stats of survey show there are about 26% editors who check their email while Wednesday and Friday are the worst days when almost 85% emails got lost in their inboxes. So, if you want that your press release should be read by the editor, send it on Thursday.

Best Time to Send Press Release

The second thing to consider is the best time on which you should have to send your press release. It is very important to send out your press release at the perfect time to make sure that your press release is read by the editor. According to our surveys, we have figured out that the best time is 10 am to 2 pm. This is the time when editors when most of the editors open up the emails that they had received. The early morning is not much effective because it is figured out that only 20% of editors check their emails between 6 am to 10 am.

You should also have to avoid the timing of the afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm. In this timing, only 26% of emails are viewed. You should also keep in mind that most of the companies usually send their press releases during these suggested timings. That’s why there is also a chance that your press release may be lost into your competitors' emails. So pick up the more unique time like 10:20 am to 1:40 pm to avoid this kind of trouble.

How to send the press release

The proper technique to send the press release is also important to make it acceptable. While the points that should be considered are as follows:

  • Build a media list
  • Follow up media outlets
  • Research about Submission Guideline
  • Submit Press Release

Well, consider the above-described aspects and make your press releases accepted by the editors. Make sure that you pay special attention to the press release format. If you are looking for the best distribution services for your press release Linking News is the platform you should visit.