Watch ITV Hub Aboard With a VPN

By Haris Saeed posted 05-26-2019 00:48

WATCH_ITV_HUB_ABROAD_WITH_A_VPN.pngMillions of British people go overseas every year, some for just a few weeks holiday and some to live overseas abroad permanently as expats. Sadly (for some) Television is not quite up to scratch on foreign countries and many people miss their nightly fix of British TV shows, such as Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. So many people do try to watch Television players such as ITV Hub Abroad.
As we now live in the digital age people are used to having all of their entertainment fingertips, on their devices. This luxury however becomes a problem when you are overseas and some apps are geographically locked to their country of destination and so therefore will not work when you are abroad. If you wish to access ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer for example when in Spain, you will have to use a VPN installed on your device. 
A VPN stands for virtual private network which is a technology that allows your IP address to be taken with you when you travel. If you are in Spain and wish to obtain a UK IP address to access UK only apps then this is the best solution. Once you have a VPN connection running on your device you will be able to access all the TV apps, gaming apps and everything else that is UK only golden hourly when in any country in the world. 
Most VPNs range from a couple of pounds a month to around £20 a month the best deal out there at the moment is from as they are offering a year but only £20 when entering the coupon code CHEAPASCHIPS on yearly signups. This VPN will allow you to access BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4’s All 4, Channel 5’s Demand Five, and UKTV services such as Dave and UKTV Gold when you are overseas. You will also be able to use TV Catch-up and TV Player apps when overseas using a VPN are you to watch live UKTV channel streaming without being blocked.
A VPN is also good for Internet security. When you have a VPN connection running on your smart phones tablets and laptops went on a public Wi-Fi network, you have total Internet security. When you are connected to the Internet via a VPN, your Internet access is usually via a military grade encryption service so that no hackers can infiltrate your data streams, this is perfect if you’re wanting Internet security and absolute must if you’re accessing PayPal and banking applications on a public Wi-Fi network.
In addition to unblocking TV and Internet security and VPN is also a very good idea for anonymous downloading. When you are accessing the internet via a VPN, your downloading tracks are covered, so that both your Internet Service Provider and Local Government Authorities cannot see what you are doing. Many torrent users do not download files unless they are first connected to a VPN on their devices. Many people booking flights and purchasing big ticket items from other countries quite often use a VPN to switch their country, so that items are cheaper to buy online, than in their native store. Many people do this in countries like Australia where the local currency has risen substantially against other currencies.       
The best deal we found for multi UK/US VPN accounts was from VPN01 / and enter coupon CHEAPASCHIPS to get a 365 days VPN for just £20 / $25