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The mission of the Historic Resources Committee (HRC) is to identify, understand, and preserve architectural heritage, both nationally and internationally. HRC is engaged in promoting the role of the historic architect within the profession through the development of information and knowledge among members, allied professional organizations, and the public.

HRC news: April 2020

By Elizabeth M. Hallas AIA posted 04-22-2020 16:13


Greetings from HRC!

We are all navigating so many challenges through the pandemic—both personally and professionally. We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy.  

As HRC members, we wanted to point out the unique perspective we all are fortunate to have—which might serve as a helpful reminder during this challenging time:

  • We take the “long view”: We see our buildings in terms of decades/generations—not just months/years.
  • Preservationists are eternal optimists: We can always see potential—even in the most dire of buildings.
  • Quality over quantity: We appreciate the tangible value of materials and character in our communities.
  • Inspired by beauty: Just as we appreciate our historic places, we can try to find the beauty around us each and everyday. 

We invite you to pause from the deluge of newscasts and stressors—and seek out your favorite places and spaces—even if only online—to be inspired and refreshed. 

Stay well,

AIA HRC Board—Maya, Lauren, Jill, Sue Ann, and Liz 


Call for case studies!

Do you have an inspirational project? One that has turned a vacant or underutilized building into transitional or affordable housing to help a community? We’d love to share your project. Please contact hrc@aia.org


How to help

Many of us feel helpless and are looking for ways to contribute—here are a few tangible ideas:

  • Support your local non-profits—with donations of time, talent, or dollars.
  • Reach out to neighbors, friends and families—and those in need.
  • Shop and Dine local—support the small businesses within your community.
  • Give blood—donations are reported to be down and centers are open.
  • Advocacy—use your voice for the causes you believe in


Extra time on your hands?

Check these out—there are many organizations that are offering virtual tours—either free or for a donation to support their organizations—a great learning adventure for you and your family. Here are just a few offerings:











Looking for CEU opportunities?

AIAU's courses offer many online webinars—here is just a sampling of courses related to historic/existing buildings:










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05-26-2020 14:34

This is great. Thanks. Will be touring all of these links!