How To Use Telephone Interpretation To Expand Your Business

By Deepak Gupta posted 13 days ago

Telephone interpreting is basically connecting two people who do not speak a common language, through an interpreter, so they are able to better communicate. A telephone interpreting service provides three-way communication through an interpreter who understands and speaks both languages. This type of requirement may arise in several situations, both commercial and non-commercial.

With business going global in most of the countries, the clients and customers are not restricted to the host country. Similarly, unlike earlier times it has become important for countries to maintain good diplomatic relations, whether they share a boundary with a country or not.

For instance, an embassy or high commission may require telephone interpreting services to speak with their counterparts in other countries or the representatives in the same country. Similarly, business owners, both large and small, may need to speak with their clients or customers from other countries, thus requiring a telephone interpreting service.

Earlier such a facility was limited, where business owners didn't really have a choice and had to make do through written communication or hired an interpreter to work with them. One interpreter is obviously not enough for a business dealing with several overseas clients. With the power of the internet, it is now possible to get connected to every part of the world, where the language is no longer a barrier.

Headquartered in NYC, Languagers is one such telephone interpreting service with a bilingual and even bicultural staff, offering their skills to solve language issues. The service is available in 350+ languages including European, Asian and Western countries as well as countries from the Middle East. The service also offers interpreting languages spoken within a country.

The staff (4,000 interpreters) works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide continuous service, often necessary for businesses dealing with foreign clients. You obviously cannot afford to lose business just because a telephone interpreting service was not available at night, because it's often day at the other end of the world!

Unlike other such commercial services, Languagers allows you to get a custom quote based on your requirements while hiring them. This enables you, the future client, to assess the services against your requirement, and further make a decision. Languagers also offers Call Support, so you are able to solve any issues regarding the service as and when they arise.

Verbal communication has an advantage over written communication, where speaking to someone is more personalized compared to writing. For instance, when you say 'Hi', it is obviously friendlier than writing 'Dear Sir'. This provides a personal touch to your business, making it very important for you to consider how your clients perceive a particular form of communication. This is very true in case some problem arises.

With a large amount of your business depending on correct communication, Languagers offers a great service, giving that personalized touch needed in your business.