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The AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community (HCD) is a network of architects and allied stakeholders that promotes equity in housing, excellence in residential design, and sustainable, vibrant communities for all, through education, research, awards, and advocacy.

Innovative Strategies for Measuring the Success of Housing

By Bruce Bland posted 07-07-2022 01:42 PM

David Baker Architects and Christina Bollo, University of Illinois, with support from the Housing and Community Development knowledge community have created the following open-source templates for your own adaptation and use.

If you conduct your own Shared Evaluation Walk, please consider [posting a video to this link]!

This 1-page primer explains what a shared evaluation walk is and what to expect, including the matrix of suggested observation types and space types common to housing projects. This matrix provides the systematic structure that sets it apart from a typical site tour. This document is useful to help prepare for the walk, and can be shared with collaborators.

Notes template
This PDF includes pre-formatted pages optimized for ipad or paper recording observations during the site tour, based on the structure.

Report template
This ppt template provides a place to start for quickly compiling and disseminating observations made during the evaluation walk. Presenting the lessons learned is an essential component of the Shared Evaluation Walk as an effective tool for measuring success.

Innovative Strategies for Measuring the Success of Housing (webinar recording)
Housing and Community Development architects use a variety of formal and informal methods to evaluate the success of their projects. In this webinar, Prof. Christina Bollo will present the most common and the most innovative techniques for assessing how well a building performs for the wellbeing of its residents. The content for this webinar was created through multiple interviews with award-winning housing architects across the United States, as well as an anonymous survey, supported by the 2020 HCD Architectural Impact Research Grant. Though all respondents expressed the desire to do more to evaluate their projects, they shared inventive and efficient ways to use the time and resources they have. The common theme and key concept revealed through this practice-oriented research is the notion of “feed-forward” mechanism for evaluation. The presentation will focus on such proactive means that mitigate the barriers of post-occupancy evaluation.

Shared Evaluation Walks: A tool to assess and improve housing (webinar recording)
A Shared Evaluation Walk (SEW) is a socially-driven, feed-forward mechanism for housing architects to learn from previous buildings to inform the design of the next. In this session, Katie Ackerly and Christina Bollo will teach you how to implement a SEW—from choosing the projects and gathering stakeholders to writing the results.