Creating a Productive Office Space

By Conrad Cormier posted 8 days ago


When it comes to advancing in your architectural career, having the right office space can help. Your office should be an area that inspires you, gives you a space to focus and allows you to be as productive as possible. 

If you have haphazardly thrown your office together over time, now is a great time to take a step back and consider the overall design of your office space. 


A comfortable, clean, aesthetically pleasing office can make a world of difference when it comes to your productivity and creativity levels. Here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind. 

Find the right color

If you have control over the paint color in your office, something to consider is the color of your walls. Color impacts our emotions and can make us feel a certain way. And, too much of a certain color can cause us to get overwhelmed and lose focus. Blue and green are both good options. Green helps inspire creative thoughts, while blue promotes a sense of calmness. The right shade of pink can also be calming and help diffuse aggressive behavior. 

Look for comfortable furniture

Nobody will be productive if they’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair or if their desk isn’t the right height. You should consider going to a local office supply store and checking out the furniture that they have in stock instead of making a purchase online; this will help guarantee the furniture is comfortable for you. Find a local moving company to help you get the furniture to your office by using a search term such as “man and van service London”. 

Avoid harsh overhead lighting

Many office spaces rely on harsh fluorescent lighting. Harsh light can lead to headaches and eyestrain. However, going without light isn’t an option either! Lack of light can lead to depression and other problems. Natural light is one of the best lighting options when you want to boost your productivity. If natural light isn’t a possibility, consider incorporating lamps throughout your office instead of relying on overhead lighting. Lamps tend to produce more of a softer glow that isn’t as harsh. 

Declutter your space

A cluttered desk leads to distractions! If your desk is full of unnecessary office supplies and last week’s documents, it is time to make decluttering a priority. Every day, take a few minutes at the beginning or end of the day to get rid of the day’s clutter. Toss items you aren’t using, put away files, and get organized for the next day. You’ll be able to start your workday with a clean, fresh desk that is free from distractions. 

Reduce noise levels

A noisy environment can distract us, stress us out, and make us lose focus on our projects. No matter if you work in an office environment where coworkers interrupt you constantly or a home environment where you can hear the next-door neighbor's dog, a pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you remain focused. While cutting out outside noises isn’t a possibility, a pair of headphones can allow you to block the sounds out so you can concentrate on work. 

Add some plants 

Did you know that greenery in your office could help you be more productive? Adding some plants to your office can improve the air quality of your office. And better air quality leads to more productive thinking. Plus, many people find plants enjoyable to look at. Incorporating a little bit of nature into your office helps brighten the space, makes you feel less stressed, and boost your overall well-being. If your office is low-light, consider a snake plant or a fern. 

Stay focused with scents

Visual aesthetics aren’t the only way to boost your productivity! The scent used in your office can also play a role in your mood. Many individuals are starting to use essential oils as an alternative to stronger-smelling incense and candles. To make you more alert and stay focused, consider pine or cinnamon. To give your overall mood a boost, try peppermint or citrus. You can also experiment with a combination of different scents. Just remember to be mindful of any coworkers that might be sensitive to smells. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to productivity, your environment plays a role! If you’re currently feeling bored and depressed in your brown, dingy office space, it is time to find ways to brighten the place up. A few simple aesthetic changes in your office could lead to a boost in your mood and a more productive day.