Nearly 600 Businesses Call on Congress to Protect Federal Sustainability Goals

By ANGLE Staff posted 10-27-2016 15:23


Nearly 600 Businesses Call on Congress to Protect Federal Sustainability Goals

This week, the American Institute of Architects delivered a letter to Capitol Hill signed by nearly 600 businesses urging Congress to retain Section 433 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Section 433 contains the 2030 targets for the reduction of fossil fuel usage in federal buildings – the same targets that have been developed by architects and adopted by many design firms through the AIA 2030 Commitment. This policy is vital to federal sustainability efforts, and is one of the only provisions in current law which directly addresses carbon emissions. Firms on the letter hail from all 50 states and range from some of the largest corporations in the country right on down to small businesses and sole practitioners, demonstrating the power and reach of the architecture industry.

The letter was addressed to the committee of Senators and Representatives assigned to negotiate a final agreement on energy policy modernization bills passed by both Houses of Congress earlier this year. Formal talks on the energy overhaul are expected to resume once Congress returns to Washington following the November elections. The ultimate fate of this legislation remains uncertain given the growing number of controversial issues Congress must resolve before the end of the year, such as authorizing funds for government operations, extending expiring tax provisions, and providing relief to victims of recent natural disasters.

Click here to view the text of the letter.

Ian McTiernan, Manager, Federal Relations