Understanding the New Overtime Rule

By ANGLE Staff posted 08-17-2016 11:25 AM


By now most readers have likely heard about the Department of Labor’s new overtime rules, which are set to go into effect this December. We’ve covered this topic in the past (here and here, for example), but given the amount of convoluted and complex materials out there (look no further than DOL’s own fact sheet), it’s no surprise that there’s still some confusion surrounding these changes.

To simplify things, we’ve put together a brief outline of what AIA members can expect come December. By no means is this a comprehensive planning document; architects and firms alike will still have to determine how exactly the overtime rule will impact them, and the effects are likely to vary based on firm size, location, and other factors. Nevertheless, the guide should clear up some of the misinformation that’s been circulating around recently.

To download the one-pager, click here or see below. 




Alex Ford, Manager, Federal Relations