Enjoy Working from Home with These Tips

By Caprice Weston posted 9 days ago



Currently, the entire world is at a standstill due to the COVID-19 virus. To ease the curve of the virus and to keep everyone safe, many people are working from home for the foreseeable future.

You might live alone, with family, or a partner. Regardless, this sudden lifestyle change can feel drastic and disorienting. You’ll want to set up a comfortable home office that is different from your regular home life. Separating your office from typical home life can be challenging if you live in smaller quarters. Still, it’s important to make the distinction between work and relaxation because otherwise, your home and work life will blend into one it will become harder for you to relax! 

Let’s take a look at how you can sustain your work productivity while also living comfortably at home.

Install a Skylight 

Natural light is essential to good health. It boosts vitamin D, helps ward off seasonal depression, and feels good. During this dark time in our history bring the outside into your home and install a skylight. The extra sunlight from a skylight can motivate you to be more productive, and it will open up your home to all of the beauty that nature holds. You won’t feel stuck indoors; you’ll feel safe in your home with a beautiful view of the outside. 

Designate a Room or Corner as Your Office 

It’s more challenging if you live with others, but if it’s possible, turn a room or a spacious corner in your home into a temporary office. Communicate openly with others living in your home about the hours that each of you will need. 

It’s particularly important to let one another know of any virtual meeting coming up because you’ll need that space to be quiet with your teammates via your computer. 

Create a Strict Schedule 

Most people are going through a lot of emotions right now, including shock and grief. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find yourself sleeping in a little bit more, or if you don’t feel as motivated as usual. However, it’s essential that you do keep a routine as best as you can right now.

Do you typically go to work at 9 am and finish at 5 pm? Try your hardest o wake up and dress by 9, work throughout the day, and then finish at your usual time. That way, you can close up shop and then relax during the evening. Leave anything related to work in your “office” and don’t take any of it “home” with you (easier said than done sometimes, but try your best)!

Make Virtual Time for Loved Ones

Now it is more important than ever to stay connected with the ones we love. Schedule Zoom, Face Time, or Skype dates with family members and friends regularly. Reach out to your elderly family members and see how they’re coping. They’d love to hear from you.

Talk to your friends who already work from home, and discover what gets them through the day. Remember to take time for yourself, get some sunshine and fresh air every day, and be kind to yourself during these unpredictable times.