Why a Flat Roof Is for You

By Caprice Weston posted 4 days ago


For centuries, flat roofs have been the go-to choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to get some extra livable space out of their home. Unlike traditional pitched roofs, they require fewer materials to install and you can climb onto them with ease. This opens up an infinite number of possibilities, whether it’s growing a garden, drying laundry, or entertaining your loved ones over dinner.

A flat roof also adds a touch of modern flair to any property. The combination of crisp, even lines around an expansive surface will surely stand out in the neighborhood in the best way possible. Curious about how a flat roof can fit into your lifestyle? Read on for the scoop.

Speed and Affordability 

A roofing company will spend less time and money on a flat roof than its pitched counterpart. Firstly, it’s easier to access, meaning roofers are less likely to slip, fall, and injure themselves. Secondly, the materials they use to coat the roof are engineered for efficiency and durability, which is to say you don’t need much of one to provide superior protection.

Call up a company like Professional Roofers and ask them about the benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam, Thermoplastic Polyolefin, and EPMD synthetic rubber to see if any of these technologically-advanced materials are right for you. They will guide you toward the right choice, and then do the installation in a flash.

Aesthetics and Design

The most pleasurable part of owning a home with a flat roof is thinking about how to transform the space and then making it a reality.

  • If you’re interested in a greenhouse, pay special attention to where the sun rises and falls in relation to your roof. You wouldn’t want to build it only to notice it sitting in the shade for most of the day.
  • If you enjoy hosting, ask your roofers to install a floating roof deck. Much like a regular patio deck, this structure goes over your flat roof’s surface to make it easier and safer to walk around.
  • If you’re feeling particularly motivated, you could install a steam room or an extra bathroom. Given the added luxury and convenience to your lifestyle, the effort behind such a major project may be worth it to you.


Easy Maintenance

Since you can usually access a flat roof from stairs inside the house, or by way of a sturdy outdoor ladder system, it’s a cinch to get up there and perform regular inspections.

Keep an eye out for tears in the surface, signs of discoloration, and any kind of build-up of dirt, leaves, or fallen branches that may be concealing pooling water. It’s also important to clear your eavestroughs of any debris that can lead to blockages and more serious damage down the line. Though they are within arm’s reach, take care when kneeling down to clear them. It’s easy to forget you’re still working from a height on your new flat roof paradise. 

Wherever your imagination takes you, a flat roof can open doors to new experiences and ways to relax without breaking your budget. So long as you have a plan, do your research, and collaborate with a licensed roofer, there’s no reason not to count yourself among the lucky few.