10 Best Tech Gadgets For Architects

By Bob Gorman posted 12-03-2019 07:03


There are many tech gadgets that architects can use to improve their work and speed up their workflow. In this article, we will list our ten best tech gadgets for architects.

1. Solar paper

Solar paper is the world's thinnest solar charger. This charger is a fantastic gadget for architects. The solar paper is a sheet of a solar panel, and it can be used to charge devices. Architects will be able to charge all devices that use a USB cord using this gadget. The solar device is easy to store, easy to charge and is lightweight. You can get multiple charges out of a solar paper device.

2. Wireless flash drive

A wireless flash drive allows you to transfer documents conveniently from one device to the other. Architects will appreciate a device that allows them to store files and transfer files at breakneck speeds. The wireless flash drives come in different sizes, and the wireless network is password protected.

Our top pick of wireless flash drives is the SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick 256GB. This device has great reviews and is a favorite among individuals who use wireless flash drives.

3. Laser measure

A laser measure is a gadget that is used to measure distance. Architects usually work with physical tape measures. But using tape measures involves walking to and fro or having someone else help you. Furthermore, a tape will not provide you with accurate measurements down to the last millimeter. The laser measure eliminates the inconvenience of using tape. All the architect has to do is point the laser at the target. The distance will then be measured. The laser measure can be used to measure a distance of up to 198m. A laser measure is a gadget  that every architect should have because it is very accurate.

4. Pocket projectors

Architects may find themselves in a situation where they need to project an image or video. Sometimes, they have to make an unplanned presentation or even consult their plans. However, many architects do not carry projectors around in case they need it.  This is why a pocket projector is such a fantastic gadget for architects.
Unlike full-sized projectors, pocket projectors are small and easy to carry. Pocket projectors have USB, HDMI, and USB ports that you can use to connect your projector to other devices. This gadget is easy to use, and some pocket projectors also have WIFI connectivity.

5. Smart Pen

Architects draw while they work, but they may have ideas throughout the day. To ensure that they remember the design and their ideas, they may record their thoughts on paper. However, a smart pen is an even better means through which an architect can digitally record everything they write or draw.

A smart pen is an input tool that transfers anything you write or draw into a digital version on your connected device. The smart pens are easy to use because while they are a tech gadget, they have ink in them. Because the things you write or draw are automatically being transferred to your device, you can transfer your document to a third party with ease.

6. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are great to use at the gym, but this is a gadget that architects can benefit from using. While architects work and come up with new ideas, they may require a quiet environment. This is because noise can distract them and make it challenging to finish the task they need to complete. A noisy environment could also stifle creativity. Hence, a pair of noise canceling headphone is indispensable for an architect who may work at home or at a noisy site. Noise-canceling headphones are available in different shapes, sizes and are quite affordable.

7.   Portable color digitizer

Architects and designers work with color, and this gadget can simplify tasks that concern color. A portable color digitizer can be used to record a particular color, find matches of the color, and compare two colors. This is especially useful if you are trying to match a color you saw in a random place. When you want to purchase a near-identical color, you can use the color digitizer to compare other paint colors in the store.

Using this device, you will be able to check if the exact paint color you want is available.

You can use a color digitizer to capture color on any surface, even a magazine. We recommend the CUBE - Portable Color Digitizer

8. Camera phone lenses

Architects take a lot of photographs. These photos could be of the site where they work or of their inspiration. However, phone cameras may not produce images that can be enlarged or used to capture detail. To improve the quality of their pictures, some architects purchase a DSLR camera. Still, DSLR cameras are expensive, heavier than phones, and entail learning more about photography.

A middle ground between a phone and a DSLR camera is a camera phone lens. Architects can buy lenses for their camera phones, and this will help them take better quality pictures.

You must buy the lens made for your device to successfully connect the lens.

9.  Virtual reality (VR) glasses

VR glasses are a gadget that allows you to see images and designs in 3d versions. Virtual reality glasses allow architects to examine their building plans and designs realistically. The layout of a building and even the décor can be analyzed through the VR glasses before construction begins. Architects can also use VR glasses to pitch ideas to their clients. Afterward,  the client can review the design and alter the design. Using VR glasses can improve the architect's workflow and prevent errors.

10. Portable Scanner

A portable scanner is a mini scanner that is powered by battery or USB. Architects can use this gadget to scan documents and share them. Despite the small size of this device, the portable scanner produces high-quality images that can be printed and enlarged.
Some scanners can fit into your pocket and have fast transfer speed.