How To Increase Patient Flow in Plastic Surgery Clinics using Interior Design

By Bob Gorman posted 10-09-2019 11:32


Everything is about the flow. About the right flow, actually. In life, in relationships, and even in a way from point A to point B. There's to be precise, free flow.

The same goes for business: you need to have the right flow to succeed. This rather philosophical approach is easily seen in hospitals. How many times have you seen patients just wandering around without any flow? Many, for sure. There are two main problems here: people wasting their time and practice doing much less than it could.

People in healthcare care are just now well-aware of the relationship between effective interior design and successful clinical practice. After all, you can't blame them - they are making someone's life better. However, in some areas, like plastic surgery, the business develops faster. So, the fast-growing practice should take a pause and take a look at how interior design can help them with metrics - patient flow, patient retention rate, and overall growth.

The Power Of First Impression

Patients in plastic surgery are primarily patients of that area for one reason only - impression matters. They want to design themselves, and they expect the best. That same approach applies to every room where they set their foot. 

Moreover, people love to feel important and to spend time in beautiful areas where they can quickly move. If you are promoting your business as the best one, you need to support that with proper actions. So, great plastic surgery interior design should be imperative. It put patient care at ease.

Use peaceful elements to set a border between private, open, semi-private spaces. Your patients visit your practice for a reason. Think about those reasons. They want to reinvent themselves and to look beautiful. Your plastic surgery clinic should do the same.

‘Designed Space’ Ages

Just as the human body changes and ages, so does what is called 'designed space.' Plastic surgery clinics are all about trends, innovations, breaking the barriers, and that passion, modern-approach, and action-driven culture should be seen in designed space.

That being said, it’s important to note that plastic surgery is very different from fifty years ago. Therefore, that should be answered with proper interior design that communicates a modern approach and success of the clinic. For example, Beverly Hills breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Payman Danielpour used this philosophy to describe his modern approach in plastic surgery. What were the results of combining great medical practice and design? Much faster patient flow developed practice and an increase in all metrics.

Maximize The Patient’s Comfort

When you start thinking about patient flow, you should think about how design can help you to achieve this. 

Think about space that you fit you, make people feel comfortable, and reassure patient's trust in the practice. This can easily be achieved using comfortable furniture, the right blend of colors, with modern lines in furniture. After all, you want your plastic surgery clinic to show that you use state-of-the-art technology.

The atmosphere is everything, and it shows your success, so feel free to use it to your advantage. Besides, the atmosphere has a positive effect on your metrics. Not sure about this one? Just think for a second: do you stay in a coffee shop and spend more, where the atmosphere is more pleasant or not? The same goes here. Make people feel welcome, comfortable, and deliver the best knowledge and cut-edging tech to their success, and your metrics will sky-rocket.

Moreover, the best thing here, interior design can help you achieve this with proper construction. Long story short, excellent interior design will increase patient flow, patients' satisfaction, and also plastic surgery clinic’s profitability.