Healthcare design and architecture: Innovative trends for better patient care

By Bob Gorman posted 10-09-2019 16:49


The healthcare industry is growing each day rapidly. Dentistry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy and shows no signs of slowing down.

So, as the population tends to age - we are talking about the baby boomers primarily here - healthcare facilities are looking to grow, expand, and incorporate trends and innovation in their everyday procedures. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the healthcare industry is re-thinking what a healthcare space feels and looks like. 

Improving the healthcare space is part of better care. People love to be welcomed in any space, and they love to have comfort. That being said, in the last several decades dental office design has innovated substantially. 

Healthcare design trends have one thing in common - delivering comfort and improving the experience for the patients and families.

The latest healthcare design and architecture in cosmetic dentist offices are focused on easing anxieties, comfort, and ease of use. All in, for better patient care. Keep an eye on growing design trends in healthcare.



Wayfinding is one of the most recent trends when it comes to flooring design. The idea behind this creation is to serve as a map with colors, patterns, and different designs so people can have a clear guide in an unfamiliar place.

Wayfinding is commonly found in hospitals due to its size and different departments. This is also a great way for people who are introverts or prefer avoiding people, to find their way around the hospital. As a healthcare setting, wayfinding to set on a floor that is easily cleaned and durable.

Luckily, there many special materials and texture that can be used to deliver wayfinding elements. Some choose one color, others mix wood and color.


Interactive Space

People tend nowadays to desire certain amenities immediately. After all, we are living in a world where you can get the deepest knowledge about anything with just one-click.

Also, people go with their smartphones everywhere. Therefore, having something to do at any moment is imperative and modern architecture and design are well-aware of this need. So, you can notice today's healthcare facilities being more interactive, and entertaining while you are waiting.

Waiting rooms now have more open space, with high-tech assessments, or simply space where you can play with your kid while you are waiting for your doctor. Having a Lego castle and an iPad in a health facility is becoming a standard.


Versatile Waiting Areas

'Bus stop' waiting areas are passed. People want to embrace warm and inviting waiting areas. Healthcare facilities are choosing bigger chairs now for more privacy and help with acoustics. Also, chairs are with a touch of tech - for plugs. These elements are what make people think about something familiar and safe.

Design is about setting the standards and innovating while creating sustainable architecture at the same time. When properly done, architecture and great design can boost your profit. The best example for it is Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Daniel Naysan, who's a passion for work and excellence was transformed into an incredible design.

This design is why Beverly Hills celebrity love to visit this office: professionalism is supported by amazing interior design which awakes safety while getting your new porcelain veneers smile.


Green Approach

Green spaces help people relax and evoke a healthy lifestyle. This is also a great approach to environmental policy.

Architects have recognized the importance of incorporating green scenery in our lives, so they've created a more green approach in terms of soothing natural shades, ecological and healthy materials, low energy solutions, and natural materials.

This is also a great approach to educate people on simple steps that they can follow in their homes. One of the goals of design in healthcare is to educate people, as well.