How to Find your Contractor Before Hiring One in Montreal

By Bob Gorman posted 06-23-2019 04:23

Whether you’re trying to do something major like making an addition to your home, or a simple job like having your bathroom tile regrouted, finding the right contractor is a must. It’s not only important if you want the job to be done right the first time, but also if you want to remain compliant. A good contractor will not only make sure that everything goes as planned but will actually be involved in the project and always have your best interests in mind. Here are a few tips on how to find a contractor before hiring them in Montreal.


Benefits from Other’s Research

It’s essential that you do your due diligence on any contractor you’re thinking of dealing with. Thankfully, you can facilitate this process by getting recommendations from people you know first. If you know someone who’s had similar work done on their house, ask for their contractor’s info. However, don’t stop your search there. These should only be possible candidates, but you should also do your own research as well.

Work with a Referral Service

There are plenty of services out there that will be able to connect you with a verified renovation contractor in Montreal. You’ll then be able to assemble a good Rolodex of pre-screened contractors for any job that you want. This will also help you accelerate your research and add more names to your hat.

Ask for Referrals from Other Professionals

Professionals you’re working with could also have recommendations of their own for good contractors. People like mortgage brokers, real estate agents, bankers, lawyers or even financial planners may have a name or two they can recommend. So, don’t be afraid to ask. They’re also more likely to refer you to someone good since they wouldn’t want to sour the relationship between the two of you.

Check them Up on the Protégez-Vous

If you don’t already know Protégez-vous, it’s a customer advocate group and website that is dedicated to fairer trade between service providers and buyers. They evaluate primarily consumer products, but services too and rate them for users. And, if your contractor happens not to be on there, you can take a look at l’Office de la protection du consommateur to find out whether there have been complaints on the contractor you plan on working with. So, if a contractor has been in business for a while and has no complaints, or if the complaints are minor and have been compensated for, then this is usually a sign of a contractor you can trust.

Look up Trade and Provincial Associations

The last thing you could do is see if the contractor you’re thinking of dealing with has any complaints against them with a local trade organization, like the Association de la Construction du Québec, for instance. Know, however, that it is not compulsory for minor contractors to register as members, so a local handyman may have no incentives to do so. But it’s still a great way to gauge a contractor’s reputation.


Good contractors are few and far between, and if you’re looking for a good one, we strongly suggest you get your referrals from a trustworthy source. If you’re looking for a great contractor, Reno-Assistance has hundreds of 360° verified contractors all throughout the Greater Montreal Area.