How to Do Branding For Your Architecture Business

By Bob Gorman posted 05-13-2019 04:45

Your brand is a foundation stone for the success of your architecture business - if you don’t lay it right the whole construction will collapse, no pun intended. There are thousands of architecture firms out there, battling to be recognized. And the most powerful weapon in that battle is called brand awareness. A strong brand will not only make your business recognized, but it will also facilitate differentiation in the marketplace and evoke positive feelings towards your services.


Branding for architecture firms is a bit different because they are service-based and therefore reputation-oriented organization. This means that their offerings are usually intangible - the value is not so much based on functionality as it is on the perceived experience of the firm. Whereas a product has one purpose, a service holds several layers of value, all of which must be properly communicated to the audience. Let’s take a look at how to accomplish this.

Create your logo with Turbologo

The first thing that will speak to your potential clients, long before they pick up the phone or shake your hand, is your architecture firm’s image. That image consists of your logo, fonts, colors, website, marketing collateral, social media presence, brand voice. All these elements need to have a cohesive feel and look which aligns with your narrative. Your logo is a central element which holds all the others together, which is why it’s the most complex one to come up with. Many business owners invest a lot of time and money in this step, but with Turbologo you can get it done in minutes. With its extensive collection of graphics and fonts, you get the result which is both instant and high-level. Examples of logos and colors to choose from create an immense source of inspiration which leads to a high number of custom logos, ready to be edited. It works with high-quality but simple components, making it very easy to find icons, layouts, colors, and fonts suitable for your vision. This means you can be done with this first and crucial step in just a few minutes and for a price not bigger than that of lunch at the cafe.


Connect With The Right Audience

Now that you’ve created your logo, the rest of the elements will soon evolve from it, but that’s not the end of the branding process. Even if you have the best brand in the world it’s not gonna work if you don’t pitch it right. And in order to do that, you need to find your ideal audience and create something that appeals to them. There’s only one road that leads there - the creation of customer persona which will reflect your ideal customer. This is accomplished by thinking about how people will connect and respond to your brand. This means understanding their values, interests, and motivation. You need to locate the problems they wish to solve and figure out where do they get the information and how they make decisions. It is the only way you’re gonna get an accurate insight into the kind of person you wish to attract to your architecture business.

Set The Stage

Now that you have your visual storytelling and that you’ve located the right audience to tell it to, it’s time to set the stage for concrete actions to unfold. Of course, that stage is one of your most important branding assets - your website. It is where you’ll be able to showcase precisely what separates you from the rest, how you can solve the problems of your audience, and where you can prove all that. You need to use social evidence such as testimonials, reviews, social shares, etc. to build trust with your consumers, show credibility, and ultimately prove your abilities. Showing them that you’re capable to get the job done is essential for creating a good impression. For every architect, setting up a blog is a very powerful way to demonstrate your believes and values to your audience. It is an incredibly easy way to communicate your brand to potential clients and high-quality content which can do wonders for your SEO at the same time. With a high-performing website, you not only communicate your brand but also generate new customers and leads, which makes it an essential stepping stone when it comes to nurturing new and potentially profitable business relationships.

That’s it - let your visual storytelling flow from your logo, locate the customers with a taste for it, and turn your website into a stage where the first act of your successful architecture career can begin.