7 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2018

By Bob Gorman posted 06-12-2018 11:21


Real estate market is getting better every year and there are so many opportunities for real estate professionals. Most agents already have their listing uploaded on their websites but there are many more strategies they can utilize in order to improve their business. The text below will provide you with some of the most successful techniques when it comes to attracting and keeping clients.

Photos must be in high-quality

Technology is so advanced today, and even an untrained eye can spot a difference between high definition images and those that aren’t. If potential buyer visits your website and sees blurry, out of focus photos of the house, they will get discouraged and try somewhere else. If your goal is to have a successful 2018, you’ll need to update your listings with brand new, high-quality photos.

Work on your blog

Having a blog on your website will help you increase traffic, but you need to pay attention to the value you’re providing with your texts. Upload just those blog posts that are answering common questions or teaching people how to do something on their own. This relevant information will ensure your website has steady traffic, and the more people see it, better our chances of selling.

Utilize social media

In order to attract people to your website, you’ll need to help them find it. The best way is to expand your online presence. Start with creating Facebook and Instagram pages where you can post links to your blog or best photos you have in your listings. Once you engage your audience across social media, they’ll start coming to your website and ask for your services.

You’ll need some referrals

Nothing advertise better than a happy customer. Once you sell the house and your client has moved in, ask them to share their experience and post it to your website. People are more likely to pay for some product or service if they see other people telling how satisfied they are with it. Utilize this free of charge marketing strategy and always ask for a referral.

Stay in touch with your clients

In order to earn benefits from referrals and word to mouth advertisement, you’ll need to stay connected with your previous clients. Buying or selling a house id big deal for every person, and you should be there by side through the whole process and continue communication even if the selling process is completed. This way, they’ll think of you if their friends or family need to buy or sell the house in the future.

Include live chat to your website

It is very important to catch someone’s attention once they visit your website. People will come, look around and if it is hard to get in touch with the real estate agent, they’ll go away. Because of that,  it is crucial that you add live chat option on your site so people can contact you in a matter of seconds. This simple detail can help you sell more since people will get the impression that you’re available and ready to assist them.

Automate your marketing

All tips so far are in a way passive when it comes to marketing. While those are very successful in attracting potential clients, you’ll also need to do something more proactive. One of the best ways to reach out and increase sales is to automate your marketing process.

Many of the successful realtors are using Bulk SMS platform to post their opportunities to investors or people looking to buy a new property. It has been identified that sometimes people may miss reading their email or just pass through the social media link you shared, while on the other hand, SMS marketing is proven tactic as its reading conversion is almost 100% which means you have been heard by your target audience.

Final thoughts

Great marketing and selling opportunities are everywhere around you if you know where to look. Hopefully, the tips provided above will help you to boost your real estate business in 2018. It is important that you remain patient before the first client gives you a call. Until then, go ahead and start trying out these marketing ideas.