The Importance of Staking Property Lines

By Bob Gorman posted 10-10-2017 02:36

It doesn’t matter if your home and backyard are just a few square meters or hundreds of acres; it is likely to be your most valuable asset. As such you will want to do everything you can to protect your land and make the most of what you have. Installing property lines is one way to help achieve this goal.

What Are Property Lines?

Your property lines are simply the exact edge of your property. To establish them properly it is necessary to use the services of a qualified surveyor. They will use a variety of methods, including a topographical survey, to establish the exact boundaries of your property.

Discover The Reasons To Stake Property Lines

There are several reasons why staking your property lines is so important:

  • Disputes
It is an unfortunate fact of life hat neighbors fall out and it is often over the simplest of things. If your neighbor erects a fence on your land you would object. But, they may say it is their land!

The fastest and easiest way of resolving this type of dispute is to have the property lines drawn up; this way all parties will know where they stand. There will be no need to commence a dispute or risk damaging your relationship.

  • Security
It is important to protect your property from intruders and even wildlife. One of the best ways to deter unwanted visitors is through the creation of fences or hedges at your borders.

The height of these items and type of material must be in accordance with your local regulations. However, once you know the exact lines around your property you will be able to raise this security measure without raising a dispute.

As well as ensuring unwanted people and animals remain outside your land, this will ensure you have some privacy when in your home and backyard.

  • Maintenance
It is important to keep your property looking its best at all times. Of course, this is exceptionally hard to do if you don’t know where your property ends! Again, this can lead to disputes if you are leaving a piece overgrown believing it belongs to a neighbor.

Knowing where your boundaries are will make sure that you make the most of every bit of your land; whether that is keeping it tidy or growing an extra row of vegetables.

  • Valuation
As already mentioned, your property is probably the most valuable thing you own. To ensure you maximize this value you need to mark out your property lines. Just half a meter all the way around your site can make a difference to the value of your property.

This is particularly important if you are getting ready to sell your property and move up or down the ladder.

If you haven’t already had your property lines staked you should seriously consider having it done now; before you have a dispute. Using a reputable service will assure you of quality results and a reasonable price; along with peace of mind.