Consider This Before You Build A Solar Power House

By Bob Gorman posted 11 days ago

Rooftop solar arrays are quite common at the moment, being a trend that is going to keep growing in the future. We are now faced with technology that is more affordable than ever and various different options that are making homeowners interested. Residential solar power benefits are quite obvious but this does not actually mean you can build a solar power house without making a really informed decision. There are different things that have to be considered before the projects start, including the following really important facts.

Necessary Maintenance

You will need more maintenance when you power the house with solar energy as opposed to regular grid power, even if not much more. There are zero moving parts in solar panels so after you install them there are not many things that could go wrong. However, the panels need to be kept clean. Having too much debris on them will reduce how much sunlight can strike them. Solar companies always recommend the installation of some sort of system that makes maintenance easy. This should be factored into the final installation cost.


Surroundings will have an effect on the efficiency of solar power. There are situations in which you may want to use solar power for your new home but that would be totally impractical. The electrical power generation is going to depend a lot on sunlight. When there are various things like tall buildings or shade trees that stop the sun from freely reaching the panels, the electricity you get will be so much less than what would be possible. Different panel types will react in different ways when faced with shade.

Coverage Area

Although most people think differently, the solar power installation size is not dependent on house size. Everything revolves around the power that is necessary and isolation. When not much power is utilized, the system that is necessary is going to be a lot smaller. When you need a lot of electricity, you will need to install more solar panels than what is expected at an initial assessment. A great way to estimate the system size needed is to analyze the electric bill. See the amounts that are used per day. For instance, an average US home uses around 900 kWh per month.


Obviously, you will surely want to think about how much you are going to have to pay to have the home powered by solar panels. Prices are a lot lower than they were a few years ago but for a regular home installation you can end up paying an amount between 50,000 and 75,000 dollars. We also have to factor in the installation costs. The truth is that when you install solar panels and you want to go off the grid, you will end up paying more upfront.

When the initial building budget is calculated you have to be sure that you properly assess how much money is going to be paid to install the entire solar power system. Do not assume that it will not cost much.