4 Tips for Running a Worry Free Company Conference

By Bob Gorman posted 06-11-2017 02:44

Motivation is the name of the game when you are planning a company conference. Employees are introduced to a new type of setting, whether it takes places in the offices or not. Although they may be taking a break from their normal work responsibilities, they should still be expected to give company conference activities 100% focus. However, this type of event is also a two-way street. Just as your employees are going to be putting their best foot forward, you should also be preparing to ensure that their most basic needs are being met. You can do this in part by bringing in Satellite Restroom Trailers so employees don’t need to walk significant distances to use the facilities or go a day without showering. Make the most of your company conference with these four tips for keeping your staff engaged, inspired, and at ease.


1. Schedule Breaks throughout the Day

You might think it is better to cram as much material as you can into a single day, but your employees will retain more information and stay more energized if you allow them to periodically take a minute for themselves. Feel free to start early in the morning and finally break for good around lunch time, but your staff will need to eat, socialize, and get in contact with their family from time to time.

2. Make Your Staff Feel Relaxed

Stress can sometimes be effective, especially in a workplace environment. However, if the goal of your company conference is to help identify workers with the most potential, they are going to need to feel comfortably confident in order to step up. Your staff might feel more comfortable by working cooperatively and being allowed to talk amongst themselves instead of sitting for several slide show presentations in a row. Find out what helps them to put their guard down and then keep at it.

3. Use Yourself as an Example

Don’t be afraid of being outgoing and personally getting to know your employees during the conference if you don’t normally see them from day to day. Be that shining example of tenacity and vigor and your staff will listen to what you have to say. When making a presentation, talk about situations that you have personally gone through so that you are able to make a strong and lasting connection.

4. Don’t Panic If There Is a Snafu

If something goes wrong, remember that everything will be okay. In fact, practice different scenarios ahead of your company conference because chances are that there will be something that doesn’t perfectly pan out. By knowing how to react in advance, your staff probably won’t even realize it when the microphone fails or a speaker arrives late.

As long as you take care of the amenities, and treat your workers in a way that lets them know that you care about their feelings, they will be very happy to stay engaged. Keep everyone participating and sharing ideas by focusing on the message as well as the delivery. Company conferences may come and go, but what your workers get out of it will stick with them for the rest of their careers.

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