How To Hire A Really Good Landscape Architect

By Bob Gorman posted 06-02-2017 02:00

Outdoor space design is exciting but not easy. You need preparation, planning and a proper perception. The experienced landscape designer or architect is going to help out a lot but hiring one that is really good is not so simple. You need to always hire one that is good since you want the best results. In order to do this, The Luxury Team gives you access to the tips that are the best for a great choice.

Flexibility In Planning And Budget

You surely have some specific ideas but flexibility is needed as the landscape architect has much more experience. As an example, the specialist can find that a pool is in a bad location for the overall design goals you set and can give you suggestions about a much better idea. When looking at the budget, you should be flexible too. Be sure you have patience and you have an open conversation with the landscape architect. This allows you to end up with the best possible result based on exactly what you want.

The Importance Of Communication

The very best thing you can do is to communicate all that you want or you do not want. The more information you offer the landscape architect, the higher the possibility you are going to end up with something that you love! Remember that the very best way to talk about landscaping is to do this visually. Try to collect some examples from magazine clippings or the internet. Note preferred plantings, features and the color palette that is desired.

Being Patient

The actual design process is a phase that can even last 2 months. It all depends on communication and what is desired. Design normally includes the concept meeting, client questionnaire, an analysis of the site and various preliminary plans. Changes are sure to be done to the initial plan until the best possible outcome appears.

Creating a perfect outdoor area by working with the landscape architect can easily last for up to one year. To keep things in perspective, an actual existing pool design will last just a few months.

Choosing The Very Best Landscape Architect

The best tips to remember are the following:

  • Try to locate the architect with the most experience in projects of the same scale and style you want right now. For instance, if you need formal landscaping the best Architect would be someone else than the one that is really good at working with swimming pools.
  • Get referrals from neighbors, business associates, friends and the internet. You can use the internet in order to find some landscape projects that look great according to your desire.
  • Interview the considered landscape architects, preferably through phone, before you meet with them. This can help a lot as you would screen out some that you do not want to work with.
  • Look at the website of the considered landscape architect or company so that you can get a pretty accurate idea of the work that is going to be done for you by browsing portfolios.

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