Wood Based Design Benefits Architects Love

By Bob Gorman posted 05-24-2017 12:46

There are many different building materials that can be considered by architects and builders at the moment. This is definitely something that is great since we have access to options for all different needs. While steel is gaining popularity, together with different other materials, wood is still among the most used. Why is that?
Wood is definitely an interesting opportunity that is popular even among the popular constructors like Excel Builders. According to them, the biggest advantages even architects love are the following.

Creating Energy Efficient Homes

Energy leakage is going to be really low when using wood. When looking to keep coolness or warmth inside homes, wood is a wonderful alternative to stone, concrete, and brick. When thinking about insulation, wood is seen as among the best choices. It helps the homeowners to save money on heating bills while keeping the homes cool for a longer time during summers.

Saving Money

This is important because of various reasons. If you can save cash on construction there is more budget available for interior design. Architects take advantage of this benefit to create something more special. Using wood means that you can build the home really fast. There are some constructors that will finish everything in just one week. You will no longer need to pay a lot on workers. Even modifications are much easier to do when wood is used during construction.

Protecting The Environment

Going green is a priority for so many homeowners these days. A house that is made out of wood will be sustainable, environmentally friendly and renewable. A wood structure is going to store atmospheric CO2 after absorbing it. Many think that using wood is actually against nature since you are cutting trees to build the home. This is true initially but if you look at the larger picture, wood constructions are so much better for the environment than what people think.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There are basically over 5000 wood types that can be used in home construction. That means that you are surely going to find something that is completely suitable for you from an aesthetic point of view. There are wood types that would be perfect for acoustics, others for insulation, others for a structural frame and so on.

When you use wood in home building it is practically a certainty you get the home to look exactly as you want it to. That is something that few know since they believe that there are clear limitations in wood appearance. This misconception only appears as they are not aware of the number of words that can be used.

Wood is now used a lot in constructions even if other materials are available mainly because of durability, safety, and weight. Wood will only slightly bend, making this a property that bricks do not really have. When a foundation will slightly shift, a wood home will flex. It will not crack. A brick home that has a shifting foundation will almost always end up with cracks.