Tips To Build A Proper Working Relationship With General Contractors

By Bob Gorman posted 04-13-2017 05:30

Remodeling the home or adding new living space will always be a really large job. Even if you are really handy with your tools, there is a strong possibility general contractors will have to be hired. You surely want to learn how to find a reliable general contractor but after you do, the way in which you work with the contractor can make or break the project. This is why you should always focus on building a really good working relationship with the professional, no matter who you contact. Here are some things that have to be in the back of your mind at all times. 

Communication Is Key

According to professional Vancouver General Contractors, establishing a proper line of communication with the general contractor’s project manager is vital when the project starts. The collaboration has to be two-way. In many cases, you will want to be the very first to visit the site in the morning in order to see how the projects are going. Just 15 minutes talking with the project manager is something that can keep you in the loophole so you know exactly how everything goes. Offer feedback and be sure that the contractor lets you know if something goes wrong. Having the phone number on your phone is a good idea and you need to ask for calls or texts whenever questions appear.

Always Keep Notes

There are situations in which there is one idea that you really want to share with the contractor but by the time you get in touch, the idea is forgotten. You should keep a notebook with you at all times so that ideas and even questions can be written. The journal is also pretty useful in order to record anything connected with the project, like delivery dates or product order numbers. Written records make it so much easier to talk with the entire team.

Changes Should Be Put In Writing

During the project building phase, there is a pretty strong possibility that some changes are going to happen. The original plan is not always the one that is going to be respected. Structural changes can appear or products may become unavailable. If any change happens, it needs to be put in writing. When costs are going up the general contractor should bid the changes and the project should not continue until you approve the deal. Once again, communication is going to help you out in this process. Worker contracts are important for the safety of both parties involved. 

Allowances Should Be Avoided 

Project managers can put different items in as expenses that are not determined at the moment. For instance, plumbing hardware is normally not included in the project price list. When you have no idea how much something is going to cost, problems tend to appear. You can easily end up going over project budget. Eliminate the allowances in the bid through advance shopping. If you can tell your contractor exactly how much everything will cost you can be sure that prices are going to be right at all times.

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