Having a Blog Will Help Your Network

By Bob Gorman posted 01-08-2017 04:58


There are so many different reasons why your business should have an associated blog. While everyone understands how important it is to get search engine traffic and the power of social media, various other things should be learned. One of the huge advantages of using a blog is that it helps you increase absolutely all your networking efforts. How does that happen? Let’s learn the basics of using blogs for networking purposes.

Gaining New Connections 

When you learn how to create a WordPress blog you quickly go from one site to the next and you eventually learn about interesting methods you can use in order to build newsletters or help people contact you. By having an online website you automatically offer people a way to get in touch with you. Some in your industry are going to reach out if you are patient and you do offer them something they want, like or need. The number of connections you can make online is definitely a lot higher than what can be achieved through regular practices.

Backlink Based Barters

In order to climb in search engines, you need backlinks that are relevant to your website. In order to get these you will need to talk with other site owners. Since you are going to always want to obtain something really relevant, the people you get in touch with will be in the same industry. Networking leads to partnerships and really interesting barters you are going to profit from in the future. 

You want to do backlinking to rise in search engine rankings. However, a good approach would not be based just on that. You can also use it in the future for who knows what barter deal. You start with a link exchange or buying a backlink and you end up with a longer lasting relationship that can lead to profit growths in the future.

Easily Keeping In Touch With Connections 

Most do not think about this but when you have a blog you can use it to strengthen your connections in the industry. For instance, you can write a relevant article and you can share it with key figures in the industry on Twitter or Facebook. They would read what you wrote, offer indications, opinions and basically keep talking. Social media makes it easy for all of us to interact. At the same time, it is a great way to promote the blog and network with key authority figures.

Blogs Are Online Business Cards 

The best way to look at blogs is as them being online business cards. They reflect your work, the quality that you offer and help you to get more clients in the future. You need to be sure you use them in modern society. That is because everyone expects to find something about you on the internet. The best service or product providers will be chosen based on online searches by modern buyers. Be sure that you have a great blog or site to highlight all that you want others to know.

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