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Internet Marketing Strategies for Architects Firms to Get More Clients

By Ashton Blagden posted 12-19-2018 08:55


With the revolution of internet users, marketers too have shifted online to grab the attention of many potential clients. Internet marketing has become one of the best ways to make people aware of your products and services. Architects too can easily attract potential clients through this by showcasing beautiful images and content and without investing much into it.
Whether you are planning to tap the internet marketing or already have an online presence, the below strategies will certainly help you attract more clients:
Understanding your target audience
To have a cost-effective internet marketing plan, you first need to understand the market and the people. You should have a layout to include questions like what demographic of people will seek your architect service? So, having a clear picture of your targeted audience is a must to plan your marketing strategy.
Spreading the word on social media
Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, people are spending more time on social media. So, by investing in social media marketing, you can reach to a huge number of potential clients at a lower cost than offline marketing. Besides, establishing a constant dialogue between your audience and yourself will help you grab attention and trust of the viewers.
Building a professional website
Your website is the defining point of your company's online presence. Compromising here on content or website design can cost you huge. But, being in a designing industry, impressive website design can sow the seed of trust and reliability in the minds of the audiences for your firm’s architectural skill.
Showcase your unique identity with your logo
In this competitive world, having a unique identity is the must. You can start this with the recognizable logo of your firm. Getting this designed by a professional can reflect your brand's mark and shadow in the logo.
Develop your blog
When it comes to internet marketing, it is crucial to get noticed by the online audience. For that, you need to provide value to your visitors and that can be possible with an effective blog. Good blog content will help potential clients to understand the importance of architecture and also help you increase your Google ranking.
Define your USP
Many architectural firms can provide beautiful designs So, to stand out in the crowd, you need something different to offer your clients. It can be some unique services or designs. You would be the right person to decide that ‘X’factor for your brand and promote it effectively. It will further help you entice a huge number of clients.  
Invest in image and video marketing
Being in an architectural business, images and videos will speak more about your work than words. It will help you attract the clients, expand your potential customer by providing solutions, increase your company’s credibility, etc.
Beat your competitors in SEO 

With so many service providers like you, it is difficult to come into the picture. So, for your website, SEO is the foremost thing to improve your online visibility. You can hire a

digital marketing company or dedicated professionals to get effective results. The higher you will rank in Google, the more you will be popular. 

Offer periodic newsletter 

Sending the newsletter to your existing and potential clients will help you reach them more effectively. It will attract personal attention and keep them updated with your services. This email marketing strategy will include your architectural new and old services, special offers, etc. 

Add a call-to-action to your website 

If the visitors can have quick access to the core of your business, they are less likely to divert towards your competitors. Hence, add a call-to-action button on your website to convert your visitors into your clients. Quick and easy navigation can help them understand things better. 

Strategize your landing page 

You can strategize your landing page in accordance with your audience. For instance, if you are targeting the first timers, you can provide them with a detailed guide to the design process. Also, make them know about the importance of hiring an architect and some insights about your USP. Moreover, add a 'start here' button to navigate them further into your service. 

Summing Up 
Isn’t internet marketing an effective approach to attract clients as an architect? If you’ve not used it yet, you are certainly lagging behind. Just follow the aforementioned tricks and you will end up with a significant number of new clients heading towards your business. 
Good luck!