Meet your newest Leadership Group member: Gregory Cook


 By the AAJ Communications Committee

Zack Moore


What are you most passionate about in regards to justice architecture? 

GC:  What I am most drawn to is the opportunity to influence lives in a positive way by providing design solutions that support rehabilitation and re-entry into society. The expectations of our criminal justice system are changing, and I’m excited to work with the talented architects that are leading the response from the design community.

What firm do you work for and how long have you been with your current firm?

GC:  I have worked for HOK for 10 years. I was in St. Louis for 8 years before joining the Chicago office as a Practice Leader. In addition to Justice, I have worked in HOK’s Commercial, Health Care, Science & Technology, Aviation, and Interiors practices.


Leadership Group (LG):

How did you join the Leadership Group? 

GC:  I was encouraged to become more involved with AAJ by my colleagues at HOK, and over the years I’ve served on the Emerging Professionals, Research & Technology, and Communications subcommittees, as well as the planning committee for the 2014 conference in St. Louis.

What do you expect will be the most rewarding about being involved in the Leadership Group?

GC:  I’ve always considered myself a collaborator first and foremost, so without hesitation I can say it is the opportunity to work with professionals from around the country that share a similar passion for design, and to learn from their different perspectives and experiences.

What iniatives within the LG do you want to champion during your tenure?

GC:  The delivery of health services, including mental health treatment, has been a particular passion of mine since I became involved in the Justice practice. I would like to continue seeking opportunities for the AAJ to collaborate with other organizations and subject matter experts on how to improve the delivery of health care in corrections through research, implementation, and evaluation.

What are the challenges involved in being part of the LG?

GC:  I would reframe the term challenge to say that I think the opportunity we all have as AAJ members is to challenge the expectations of criminal justice facilities by promoting their essential role as part of the social infrastructure of our communities.

How do you hope see the LG evolving over the next few years?

GC:  I would love to see more outreach and engagement with architects beginning their careers. Their passion, talent, and intellect have inspired me to reach beyond what is obvious or comfortable and have made be a better and more complete architect.





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