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Join us 07/10 for a Health Care 101 Webinar on The 2018 Guidelines: How to use and Major Updates

  • 1.  Join us 07/10 for a Health Care 101 Webinar on The 2018 Guidelines: How to use and Major Updates

    Posted 21 days ago


    This presentation will consist of two sections: a primer for emerging professionals on how to use the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of hospitals, outpatient facilities, and residential health, care, and support facilities and an overview of the major revisions to the 2018 Guidelines. The presenter will review the essential elements of the documents, available formats, and how best to retrieve information from the Guidelines. Following the primer, the presenter will address new and revised sections of text including accommodations for care of patients of size; accommodations for telemedicine services; imaging, examination, procedure, and operating rooms; and sterile processing facilities.

    Learning objectives

    After participating in this webinar attendees will be equipped to:

    1. Explain the impetus and methodology for revisions to the 2018 Guidelines, including creation of the new outpatient document.
    2. Describe the major revisions to the 2018 documents, including the changes to sterile processing, recovery spaces, and accommodations for patients of size and telemedicine.

    3. Apply the new classification system for imaging rooms and clarification of examination, procedure, and operating room requirements and explain how it informed revision of the mobile/transportable medical units chapter.

    4. Illustrate how using the 2018 edition of the Guidelines for a project can provide a safe, more effective patient care environment at a reasonable cost.



    Aurelie Josserand AIA, LEED AP, EDAC
    Washington DC