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Facility Guidelines Institute

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    Posted 05-12-2017 16:20
    Edited by Isabella Rosse 05-18-2017 11:15

    The Facility Guidelines Institute is considering partnering with various national clinical groups to explore new design opportunities.  The vision is to gather leaders in focused clinical specialty areas, members of academic medical institutions and members of the healthcare design community in a single meeting.  These meetings would correspond with national clinical conferences.  The goal is to identify emerging clinical pathways for various health needs and explore the intersection of these needs and the physical environment.  The meeting will culminate in a white paper, from the FGI, suggesting both fundamental requirements (for future editions of the Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities) as well as options for design solutions and requirements that go beyond fundamentals. 

    Attendance will be limited and attendees will be recognized in the white paper as participants.  CEU's will also be provided for participants.

    Please consider responding to the simple three question survey: https://www.research.net/r/FGISURVEYAAH

    Thank you for taking the time to provide, us and one of our outstanding partners, information as the FGI considers establishing this program. 

    Tom Clark, FAIA, EDAC

    2017 President, AIA Academy of Architecture for Health

    James Clark FAIA
    Clark/Kjos Architects, LLC
    Portland OR

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    Posted 05-15-2017 18:13

    I applaud the FGI for seeking to partner with clinical groups & academic medical institutions to explore new design opportunities.  In this day & age of competition for the healthcare dollars, the goal of decreasing SF, while increasing staff efficiency & user convenience is a worthy undertaking that architects can positively impact.


    I would only ask two questions in that regard:

    1.       Are you sure that the "leaders" of these specialty areas are actually the ones with the operational expertise to offer the needed input? Or should there be a greater attempt to seek the input of more directly affected staff & clients that have recently used current versions of these spaces, and may be in a better position to identify problems & affirm solutions?

    2.       Are you working towards the objective of offering useful input & examples to designers on those efficiency/functional goals, while maximizing the potential for flexibility in how to accomplish such?  (If not, I fear the outcome could hold the same unfortunate "blind-side" consequence often generated by codes, of prescribing solutions that limit creativity instead of encouraging it.)


    Thank you for the opporutnity to provide this feedback.


    Kim Otten, AIA

    Construction/Design Consultant

    Good Samaritan Society

    Sioux Falls, SD


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    Posted 05-16-2017 17:31
    Thank you Kim, you bring up very important points, and yes, this is precisely the focus of the event.

    James Clark FAIA
    Clark/Kjos Architects, LLC
    Portland OR

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    Posted 05-16-2017 11:41



    Sounds like a terrific opportunity, let me know how I can help.






    John W. Rogers, FAIA, FACHA

    Corporate Architect

    Design, Construction & Space Management

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    3333 Burnet Avenue, MLC 8000

    Cincinnati, OH  45229

    513-803-1887 (direct)

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    Posted 05-17-2017 21:05
    Thank you all for comments, I encourage you to take the survey linked to this original message.  Thanks!

    James Clark FAIA
    Clark/Kjos Architects, LLC
    Portland OR