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Healthcare Design Alert

  • 1.  Healthcare Design Alert

    Posted 09-28-2015 12:16

    Greetings All, 

    Today, a Healthcare Design Alert has been posted for your viewing pleasure. Healthcare Design Alerts provide you an opportunity to stay current in healthcare design trends and news through a collection of biweekly online article posts. The Healthcare Design Alerts can be found on our website aahfoundation.org. This week's post can be accessed through the following link:


    Enjoy and feedback is always welcomed, 

  • 2.  RE: Healthcare Design Alert

    Posted 09-29-2015 18:17
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    Yes very interesting article by Vicky Taylor on ED's.  Hope you are getting good feedback and encouragement on this effort, Frank.  Have you found the results to be rewarding?  What value would you see for this from an academic perspective?   Are your students encouraged to read these updates?  Seems timely and topics certainly cutting edge?

    Any suggestions on our upcoming ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION...would love your feedback?  Should I send out some thoughts to everyone on the panel to get the "juices flowing"?  Thanks in advance.

    Just Curious,

    Good Work As Usual,


    James Easter Assoc. AIA, FAAMA
    EasterHealthcare Consulting (Ehc)

    Nashville TN