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The 2018 Call for Papers is now open! The submission deadline is May 31, 2018. If you're interested in submitting an article, please see the Call for Papers for more details.

We're also seeking a new member for the Journal's editorial review committee. Experience in editing and/or writing is required either in architecture, healthcare, or academia. Limited involvement includes one or two conference calls plus self-computer review of numerous articles submitted after the May 31 submission deadline. Some limited post selection coaching of authors may be asked of you if needed. Please send your resume to

The Academy Journal is the official journal of the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) Knowledge Community. Since the late 1990s, this free publication has published hundreds of original articles
that explore subjects of interest to not only AAH members but to others involved in the fields of healthcare architecture, planning, design, and construction.

The goal has always been to expand and promote awareness, educational exchange, and advancement of the overall project delivery process, building products and medical progress that affect all involved in those fields.

We are proud to report that as our readership continues to grow, it is also expanding internationally. Readers have viewed the electronic version not only from the US, but also from Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia,  Africa, India, and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few we have on record.

Previous Journal editions are below. For editions 14-19, please visit the Academy Journal landing page on

Volume 13, October 2010
Volume 12, October 2009

Volume 11, September 2008

Volume 10, November 2007

Volume 9, October 2006

Volume 8, October 2005

Volume 7, October 2004

Volume 6, October 2003

Volume 5, October 2002

Volume 4, Part 1 - October 2001

Volume 3, October 2000

Volume 2, Part 2 - December 1999

Volume 2, Part 1 - October 1999

Volume 1, Part 2 - July 1999

Volume 1, Part 1 - October 1998