President’s letter


I am honored to serve as your President for 2018. Many thanks to the work accomplished by our board and past presidents Joan Suchomel and Tom Clark. In just two short years Joan led us through an intensive strategic planning process and Tom guided us toward a successful implementation of that plan. My goal is to ensure strategy is maintained and administered and our mission…provide knowledge which supports healthy environments through education and networking… and vision…serving as the authoritative voice for the design of healthy environments…are realized.

To accomplish this goal, we will be focusing on two key tactics this year 1). Strategy vs. Operations and 2). Increased Relationships.

Strategy vs. Operations

Our board will focus on strategic initiatives to ensure the AAH’s relevance to our members and the financial viability for our programs. One such initiative is the Reinvention Council, comprised of emerging architects and healthcare leaders representing large academic medical centers and small community hospitals from around the country. The Reinvention Council will act as the contrarian voice to assist the AAH to focus on what is important today and reimagine what is possible tomorrow.

To ensure our board can focus on strategy, we have empowered our Committees, via the Chair and Vice-Chair roles, to be the operational leaders and implementors of our numerous ongoing programs and initiatives. These activities include being the supporting organization for three major national conferences, administering recognition programs for projects and emerging professionals, providing content for blogs, journals and webinars, supporting ongoing research, and engaging the “next generation” through fellowships and scholarships.

Increase Relationships

For the AAH to provide knowledge and be the authoritative voice, we must maintain and strengthen our current relationships and increase our interaction and collaboration with other health related organizations. We do so through the efforts of the Communications, Outreach, Codes and Strategy Committees. We are exploring many partnering opportunities via participating on code review committees, collaborating on industry white papers, joining forces to enhance conferences and communicating via the Academy Update.

We are also focusing on internal relationships with an emphasis on strengthening connections to our local AIA health components. The Advisory Group is a newly formed committee comprised of leadership from the local AIA chapter Health Groups throughout the US. This group of thirty plus local healthcare leaders is envisioned to come together quarterly to provide guidance, thought and insight to the AAH. The goal is a stronger and deeper connection between local AIA health components and the AAH to directly connect to our membership. In addition to local components we are identifying opportunities to collaborate with our sibling Knowledge Communities to cross pollinate expertise.

This year holds great potential for growth and the Academy Board and Committees are focused on doing everything we can to enhance your experience. If you are interested in getting more involved or have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you,

Vincent Della Donna, AIA, ACHA

AAH President 2018

About me
Vincent Della Donna, AIA, ACHA, is a healthcare consultant and has three decades of experience, with a healthcare focus for more than twenty years. Having spent the majority of his professional career as a client representative, he has the unique ability to understand healthcare clients’ needs. He is the founding principal of his Healthcare Architecture Planning consulting firm. As leader of consulting services, and select projects, Vincent is an advocate for professional services that are deeply responsive to client needs.

He strongly believes in giving back to the healthcare community and does so through volunteering as a board member with the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health, Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation and Ocean Health Initiatives. He maintains active membership with the American Institute of Architects, the Academy of Architecture for Health, the American Hospital Association, is certified by the American College of Healthcare Architects and speaks nationally on healthcare topics.