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Kathleen Simpson, CAE

Kathleen Simpson, CAE

Kathleen Simpson, CAE

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Design Like You Give a Damn

Michael Crosbie, chairman and associate professor of the University of Hartford Department of Architecture talks with Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, a charitable organization that builds architecture and design solutions to humanitarian crises and brings professional design services to communities in need.

Young Architect: Deepika Padam, Making Her Mark

Deepika Padam, AIA, is founder and principal of BLEND architecture in San Francisco. While leading her own firm, she has assumed leadership roles for AIA at local, state and national levels, and advocates for sustainable design with the US Green Building Council.

Meet the 2015 AIA President Elect, Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA

In this podcast, we’ll have an opportunity to meet Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA. Elizabeth was elected 2014 AIA First Vice President, and 2015 AIA President Elect.

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Latest Blogs

  • Ann Thompson

    2013 Member Slideshow: Valerio, Dewalt Train Associates, Chicago, Illinois

    Committee on Design

    Member Slideshows are created each year for the Spring Conference to illustrate the recent work of the attendee’s firms. All COD members are welcome to participate. Attendees have 6 slides and 60... more

  • Ms. Nageen Ettefagh

    Evolution of the Library

    Committee on Architecture for Education

    Technology has immensely changed our world. Spaces that formerly had set commercial and institutional functions have now transformed into more flexible spaces and in some instances,... more

  • Ms. Anushri Vachhani

    Impact of Sustainable Architecture on Education

    Committee on Architecture for Education

    What is sustainable design? As the World Commission on Environmental and Development defines sustainability, it is designing that “[meets] the needs of today without compromising the ability... more

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  • Mr. Eugenio Aburto, AIA

    concrete houses

    Posted in: Housing Knowledge Community

    Concrete poured in place: more than 2000 years of proven efficacy one sample of several ones is the Roman Coliseum. Concrete used by the Romans was masonry and mortar using the natural volcanic...

  • Mr. Allen E Neyman, AIA

    RE:Masonry Paving Question

    Posted in: Housing Knowledge Community

    Alexander Context is important, so a lot more information may be needed. But random field stone for a walway sounds like the first rpoblem. If you want to stick with stone in the redo, go for sedimantary...

  • Mr. Angelo Marasco, AIA

    RE:How often do you really benefit from upgrading Autodesk.....

    Posted in: Technology in Architectural Practice

    Good discussion here. When you work in a big firm, you don't think lot about the true value of the software you use every day and the costs involved with keeping it current. After starting my own...

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