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Young Architect Karen E. Williams,AIA

The AIA Young Architect Award recognizes emerging professionals who have been licensed architects for fewer than 10 years and have shown great leadership in design, in education, and in civic and professional involvement. We have one such young leader here today - Karen E. Williams, AIA.

The Global Profession

Albert Dubler, Hon. AIA, 2011-2014 President of the International Union of Architects, speaks from Durban, South Africa with Andrew Caruso, AIA, about global architectural practice and the growing relevance of the UIA as the profession faces more challenges than ever before.

Architecture in the African Context

South African architect and UIA2014 Commissary General, Karen Eicker, discusses architecture as a process from an African perspective and how the 2014 UIA Congress sub-themes of Resilience, Ecology and Values are just the start of a larger conversation about architecture in sub-Saharan Africa, and the world.

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  • Richard C. Eimer AIA

    AIA AAJ Conference Summary

    Academy of Architecture for Justice

    It's been 1 week since the 2014 AAJ conference kicked off in St. Louis and each scholar has been asked to write a summary to recap their experience at the event. I want to thank AIA again for giving... more

  • James Park

    Designing the Democratic Courtroom

    Academy of Architecture for Justice

    November 6 th , 2014 | 8:00am – 9:15am | Judge Celeste F. Bremer and Professor Athanassios Economou ABSTRACT Courthouses are places of work, where function, security, and cost must be managed.... more

  • Walter Martin Hosack


    Committee on Design

    What started out as a plan review became a policy question when all the detailed distraction was removed. The plan represented an isolated battle. It was not linked to a municipal strategy of land... more

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  • photo not available

    RE: Unauthorized document distribution

    Posted in: Small Project Practitioners

    There is a facet of my recent experience that I left out in the initial post, as I wanted to see the broad general response to the issue first. Here it is....It is my understanding that the local...

  • photo not available

    RE: Unauthorized document distribution

    Posted in: Small Project Practitioners

    I'm all for copyright of design work and giving credit where credit is due. And by no means should drawings actually be stolen, as was the case described back in the 80s. But should we, as professionals,...

  • Dawn Zuber AIA

    RE: Welcome the new CRANtv's Part 5 "What Should your House Look Like?"

    Posted in: Custom Residential Architects Network

    Although Brenda Nelson is awesome, I think David meant to credit Mary Cerrone with being on the CRANtv team.

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