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Find an answer quickly by selecting CTRL+F to open your internet browser search box. Type in a word and select Enter. It will take you to the first instance of that word on this page. If your question is not answered, free feel to Contact Us.

What is AIA KnowledgeNet?

It is an interactive website where architects and allied professionals can connect and share expertise. The site is built around subject matter communities, beginning with AIA national Knowledge Communities. Read the AIArchitect article on how members are using the site. Check out the AIA KnowledgeNet - How-to Resources library to view more helpful resources on using the site.

How can non-AIA members participate?

Just create an account. Use your email address and password to log into AIA KnowledgeNet. Please note some lag time may occur between the creation of the account and successful login. 


Log-in Help

How can I change my password to access the site?

Visit the Sign In page and under the heading "Need Help?" select "Reset password."

I cannot log into, but I can sign into

You will need to make one small update to your account:

  1. Go to and click "Sign In" with your email address and password.
  2. Go to the "For Members" page.
  3. In the top left box called "AIA Members," select "Edit Your Personal Information."
  4. Select "Edit" beside "Individual Information."
  5. Un-check the box "do not make available online" and select "Save."
  6. Close and reopen the internet browser.

Your personal information will not be exposed by un-checking the box. You can go to the page "My Privacy Settings" to define specifically what personal information you want other members to view.

Would you like to hide your account from AIA KnowledgeNet (but not other AIA sites)?

Follow the Steps 1-4 above. Then, check the box "do not make available online" and select "Save." *Your AIA KnowledgeNet profile will display "This individual is no longer active."

Does it matter what internet browser I use?

AIA KnowledgeNet is optimized for Mozilla Firefox, but works in other browsers. The login function that speaks to our Account database is optimized for Internet Explorer. To report issues, please Contact Us.

What does "authenticated" mean?

Any user that logs into the website is authenticated. Since AIA KnowledgeNet allows anyone with an email to create an account to login, users include AIA members, allied professionals, and members of the public. Logging into AIA KnowledgeNet allows the user to post, comment and rate site content including discussion forums, blog entries, and library entries. Please note, most site content is open to the public and indexed by search engines.

E-mail Settings

How do I change the frequency at which I receive e-mail?

AIA KnowledgeNet Discussion Forum Daily Digests: You can choose to receive e-mail digests in real time, daily, or never (meaning you log into the site to read posts). To change your e-mail settings, select My Subscriptions under My Profile on the red navigation bar. FYI: These emails come from

AIA KnowledgeNet Notifications: You can control e-mail notifications regarding Contact Requests, Community Invitations, Regular Messages and Comments by selecting My Privacy Settings under My Profile on the red navigation bar. From there you can change the e-mail address notifications are sent to, which notifications are e-mailed to you and whether or not members can contact you. If you choose not to receive e-mail, but allow users to contact you, the messages will be waiting for you in My Inbox under My Profile on the red navigation bar. FYI: These emails come from

Knowledge Community Newsletters and Program Marketing Email: The AIA national office offers a variety of knowledge based newsletters. You can unsubscribe from any newsletter/marketing by clicking "Unsubscribe" link in the email. If you would like to subscribe, please join the community

AIA Chapter Email: Please contact your chapter directly to change your "local" email subscriptions.

If you have any questions or difficulty, please Contact Us.

What does "PDA Subscription" mean?

This is a discussion forum subscription option which is real-time and formatted to be viewed on a mobile device. The unique attribute is that using the standard email message functions "Reply" and "Reply All" will post your "Reply to the Discussion Forum." As with all subscriptions types you can Reply to Sender and Reply to Discussion Forum links are listed in the body of the message. Learn more about your options on My Subscriptions under My Profile on the red navigation bar.

I received an email stating my subscription was put on "hold."

Your subscription has been held because at least 3 recent discussion forum messages have been either bounced by your email system, or could not be delivered at all. Your membership can be restored to "normal", by sending the command "unhold" to You can also add and to your send sender list.


What is a Community?

A community is a group of people organized around a common subject or theme which is defined in the community name and description. Communities are categorized by community types which include Knowledge Communities, Committees, and Member Created Communities. Each community typically has a discussion forum, a resource library, and an events calendar.

How do I join a community?

If you have not already, log into AIA KnowledgeNet. (If you have not created an Account, use the "Create an Account" link on the same page to create one.)

To join a Knowledge Community:

  1. Go to your Account and sign-in.
  2. Select link "Add/Remove Knowledge Communities."
  3. Select a community from the drop down menu then select "Add." (Repeat with each community you would like to join.)
  4. Select "Save" and close window.
  5. Return to
  6. Log out and log back in to see your newly added communities listed.

*You will automatically be subscribed to the daily digest of your Knowledge Community Discussion Forum. You can change this setting on My Subscriptions under the Discussions tab.

To join a Member Created Community:

  1. Go to Member Created Community list.
  2. Select the title of the community to go to its homepage.
  3. Select "Join Community."

*You will be prompted to subscribe to the community’s discussion forum upon joining the community.

To join a Committee:

Currently these communities are limited to the Knowledge Community Advisory Groups and not open to online enrollment. Contact Us if you have any questions.

How do I invite others to a community?

AIA KnowledgeNet is open to non AIA members. If you would like to invite someone without an account, send them the following information:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Log-into the AIA KnowledgeNet with your selected email address and password.
  3. Refer to How do I join a community? answer on the FAQ page.

*For Member-Created Communities, you can invite current site users by selecting "Invite others" on the community homepage (right underneath "Join/Leave this Community.")

What is a Network?

Networks are automatically created lists based on information you’ve specified in your profile, such as address, job history and education. A network is meant to be a quick way to find people that have something in common with you. You can also use the directory’s Advanced Search to find people based on criteria different from your own.

Discussion Forums

What is a discussion forum?

AIA KnowledgeNet Discussion Forums provide a way to post questions and thoughts to a Community. The posts are archived online and emailed to community members. The Knowledge Community discussion forum posts are viewable to the public.

What is a discussion thread?

Discussion threads are automatically created when "Reply to Discussion Forum" option is selected on a post. You can also select "View Thread" to see the entire conversation on the topic.

What does "eGroup" mean?

This term may be seen on the AIA KnowledgeNet site. It simply means "Discussion Forum."

How do I delete a post?

Go to your message and select the option "Mark as Inappropriate." This will cause the post to disappear from the site and go into the moderation queue where staff will permanently delete it.

What does selecting "Mark as Inappropriate" on a Discussion Forum post do?

Any user can "Mark as Inappropriate" any discussion forum post on the site. When a post is marked, it is temporarily hidden on the site and sent to the moderation queue. AIA staff review the post. Approval or rejection is based solely on whether the post violates the AIA KnowledgeNet Code of Conduct. If the post is approved, it is reposted with the (new) approval date and distributed via daily digest. If it is rejected, it is permanently removed from the site. If you have any specific questions regarding the discussion forum, please Contact Us.

What is the difference between a blog entry and a discussion forum post?

Blogs, or Weblogs, are individual or small group resources - the control of content and value is generally driven by a single person or small group. Discussion forums or message boards, are usually group resources - the control of content and value is shared equally across all users.  A good comparison of attributes can be found at the Common Craft Blog.


What is a Blog?

A blog (a contraction of the term "web log") is a Web site that allows users to reflect, share opinions and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may post comments. It is a more relaxed version of an opinion article that would appear in print media, and different from a discussion forum post, which is more of an online conversation than article.

When posting a new blog entry, what is the difference between the available options for who can view the post?

There are four options available to you, but due to AIA’s privacy settings, they are mostly inapplicable.

  • Public: Anyone can view this blog. They do not need to be logged in to see it.
  • Authenticated: In order to view your blog, a site user must be logged into the site.
  • AIA KnowledgeNet Members: Due to AIA’s privacy settings, this means the same thing as Authenticated.
  • My Contacts: Only people who are in your My Contact list will be able to view your blog posting. View your current contacts.

How do I delete a blog entry posted by me?

View your blog entry, and on the right side of the entry you’ll see a box with your profile photo and links to click for rating or commenting on the post. Below those links, you will also see a red "X" next to the words "Delete Blog." You can click either the words or the "X" to delete the blog post.

How can I rate or comment on a blog entry?

Blog entries can be rated by selecting the stars next to the entry. You can select as few or as many stars as you want to convey your rating. Five stars denote the best possible rating, while zero stars indicate to rating at all. To comment on a blog entry, scroll to the bottom of the blog entry, click "Add a Comment," type it in the pop up box and select Save.

How do I import my external blog to AIA KnowledgeNet?

While you cannot set an automatic importing of your external blog to AIA KnowledgeNet, you can copy and paste a blog entry into the body of the Create a New Blog Entry page. View an example of an "imported blog entry."

RSS Feeds

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, forum discussions, audio and video—in a standardized format. They benefit readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from favored Web sites or to compile feeds from many sites into one place. Instead of visiting multiple Web pages to check for new content, a Web user can look at summaries and choose which sites to visit for the full versions.

How can I manage my RSS Feed to the entire AIA KnowledgeNet site?

Go to My RSS Feeds under My Profile in the red navigation bar. Select the discussion forums, resource libraries and/or blogs from which you would like to receive notifications and select save. (Please note the only communities that you are a member of will be listed as options.) You can utilize your unique URL or the buttons at the bottom of the page to send the feed to any of the feed readers of your choice.

Points / Ribbons

What are points and how are they tabulated?

Point totals are tabulated automatically with every action you take on the site. Point values for different activities range from one point to 20 points. Activities that engage other members, such as writing a blog, sending a message or responding to a discussion forum post have a higher point value than activities such as viewing a blog, logging into the site or viewing a document in the library, which do not engage others.

How can you "complete your profile?"

You may notice a link on the top right of the page that says "Complete your profile." In order to complete your profile, you need to accumulate 100 points. See the exact break down below of how the points are calculated.

Weighting      Max Points
First Name 5 5
Last Name 5 5
Company Name 5 5
City 5 5
Email Address 5 5
Job Title 5 5
Picture 15 15
Bio 10 10
Job History 5 20
Education 5 10
Specialties 2 10
Affiliations 2 10
Interests 2 10
Contacts 1 40
72 155
Complete with 100

So for instance, you may acquire up to 40 points by having 40 contacts,  10 points by having 5 different specialties, and 25 points by uploading a photo and filling out your bio.  The profile completion bar requires 100 points which can be acquired through different components. 

How do I earn points?

Besides completing your profile, here is a brief list of most of the actions you can take to earn points.

My Profile Points
Make a Contact 2
Send a Message 3
RSS Subscription 5
Join a Community 5
Have a Network 1
Blogs Points
Write a Blog Entry 20
Comment on a Blog 8
Add a Related Link 8
Discussions Points
Post a Message 16
Real-Time / PDA Subscription 6
Digest Subscription 4
No Email Subscription 2
Resources > Library Points
Add a Document 16
Comment on a Document 8
Add a Related Link  8
Rate a Document 3
Resources > Glossary Points
Add or Edit a Term 8
Comment on a Term 4
Rate a Term 3

How can I be featured under "Top Contributors This Week" on the homepage?

The points mentioned above are a way of measuring online engagement for all members. It’s also a way for AIA to recognize our top contributors. The homepage refreshes the box automatically once a day with the profiles with the most points. If you are not in the top five, Contact Us to learn how many points you have.

What are Ribbons?

There are a variety of ribbons that may appear on a profile underneath the photo. These include blogger, top contributor, and AIA member. If you have any specific questions regarding ribbons, please Contact Us.

What is a Top Contributor?

A Top Contributor ribbon is placed on a profile each time a certain point value is reached:

  • Bronze Most Valuable Member - above [999] points and less than [2000] points
  • Silver Most Valuable Member - above [1999] points and less than [4000] points
  • Gold Most Valuable Member - above [3999] points and less than [6000] points
  • Platinum Most Valuable Member - above [5999] points


My profile page states: "This individual is no longer active. Application functionality related to this individual is limited." How can I activate my profile?

See the step-by-step answer in the FAQ's Login Help section to uncheck the "do not make available online."

How can I update my contact information?

If you would like to change your email address, mailing address, phone number, fax number, or job title go to your Account. On the screen, you will select “Manage Contact Info.” The entry in each category (phone number, fax, address, email) that is marked with a check (called primary) is the one that will show up in AIA KnowledgeNet. You can either add a new item or edit the current ones. Only one item per category can be primary.

Your AIA designation is updated automatically from the AIA database. If you believe your AIA designation is incorrect or would like to add secondary designations like PMP and LEEP AP, please Contact Us.

How can I control what information about me is displayed in my profile?

Go to My Privacy Settings under My Profile on the red navigation bar. From there you will have the option to select who can see various parts of your profile including your photo, address, e-mail address, Web site and phone number. You can choose among the following privacy options: My Contacts, Members Only, Public and Nobody.

*Please note that out of respect for our members’ privacy, AIA has hidden your e-mail address, mailing address and phone number, but you can opt to share this at your own discretion.

Resource Libraries

What is a Resource Library?

Each community can have a resource library that stores files of interest to that group. Some features of the libraries are: the ability to upload multiple files under the same heading, the ability to download one file or all of those files at once as a zipped folder, the ability to upload any type of file including multimedia, and the automatic display of audio and video media.

How can I share an item from the library?

When you find an item that you would like to share, select the title of the document. Select the "Share" option on the right side of the box. A pop up will then appear prompting you to enter the e-mail address of the person with whom you would like to share the document.

How do I bookmark an item for future reference?

If you want to bookmark the document for your own future reference, click either the heart on the right side of the document, or the words, "Add to Favorites." The same document will then be included in My Favorites under Resources on the red navigation bar.

How can I rate or comment on a resource item?

Resource items can be rated by selecting the stars next to the entry. You can select as few or as many stars as you want to convey your rating. Five stars denote the best possible rating, while zero stars indicate no rating at all. To comment on a resource item, select "Add a Comment," type your comment in the pop up box, and select Save.

What is a "permalink?"

To share a resource in the library or glossary, use the Permalink listed below the star rating. The URL in your address bar may change and not work for others. The permalink will always work. "Perma" stands for "permanent."