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Young Architect Karen E. Williams,AIA

The AIA Young Architect Award recognizes emerging professionals who have been licensed architects for fewer than 10 years and have shown great leadership in design, in education, and in civic and professional involvement. We have one such young leader here today - Karen E. Williams, AIA.

The Global Profession

Albert Dubler, Hon. AIA, 2011-2014 President of the International Union of Architects, speaks from Durban, South Africa with Andrew Caruso, AIA, about global architectural practice and the growing relevance of the UIA as the profession faces more challenges than ever before.

Architecture in the African Context

South African architect and UIA2014 Commissary General, Karen Eicker, discusses architecture as a process from an African perspective and how the 2014 UIA Congress sub-themes of Resilience, Ecology and Values are just the start of a larger conversation about architecture in sub-Saharan Africa, and the world.

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  • Mike A. Mense FAIA

    an essay on the subject by John Clark

    Repositioning the Architect

    Form Follows Function “It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic, Of all things physical and metaphysical, Of all things human, and all things super-human, Of all true manifestations... more

  • Michael R. Davis FAIA

    The AIA 2030 Commitment: Don't Miss Out

    2030 Commitment

    Fear of missing out. FOMO. It’s a thing. A form of social anxiety , it’s that compulsion to know what other folks are doing just in case they might be having more fun than you.... more

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    NYC Office Space Available in Classic Art Deco Building

    Just got 750SF on the ground floor of The Masters, on the Upper West Side. High ceilings, classic art deco lobby with 24/7 access and full time staff. Ownership will build to suit for a long term tenant.... more

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  • John Samuel Dugger AIA

    RE: Receiving Online Construction Bids

    Posted in: Committee of Corporate Architects and Facility Management

    For many years we have accepted bids electronically but on private jobs or municipal micro jobs only. I will only accept locked PDFs and generally only send documents that are locked. The risk of alteration...

  • Allen E Neyman AIA

    RE: 21 measures to add pedestrian safety

    Posted in: Regional and Urban Design Committee

    This is great stuff. What we can do as designers for change does not have to involve massive capital intensive projects. Re-marking lanes, smart signage, creating safer pedestrian zones with painted...

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    Check out Mike Davis FAIA's AIA 2030 Commitment Blog

    Posted in: 2030 Commitment

    Have you checked out Mike Davis FAIA's 2030 Commitment Blog about the Fear of Missing Out? Engage with Mike and other signatories of the AIA 2030 Commitment and comment on the Blog and participate...

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