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Getting There: A Guide to the Process of Designing & Building the Home You Want

09-02-2010 20:35

This booklet provides an overview of the design and construction process for a single family residential renovation project. The step by step process used by myself is explained using text as well as drawings, photos, and other visual aids. Also, the process described is similar for any size project, be it a kitchen remodel or total house makeover.

One of the main thrusts of this booklet is to help homeowners in general and my potential clients in particular understand this architect’s methodology. Though every architect uses a similar process due to common training, each architect tailors the process to suit themselves and their marketplace.

Architects, like all professionals, use a language that often is unfamiliar to those outside their profession. Terms such as
“programming” and “schematics” are commonly used by architects and have a very specific meaning. We architects often forget that our clients are unfamiliar with these words in an architectural context. This booklet, therefore, provides visual examples for these terms. I hope that, after looking through this booklet, you have a better understanding of the architect’s language.

Architects, like all of us, have likes and dislikes as well as strengths and weaknesses. The process described in this booklet is both generic (used by all architects on all projects to some degree) and specific (it really is how this architect works). I encourage all potential clients to use this booklet as an aid to understanding how their architect works.


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