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Lynnea Garrett

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The Global Profession

Albert Dubler, Hon. AIA, 2011-2014 President of the International Union of Architects, speaks from Durban, South Africa with Andrew Caruso, AIA, about global architectural practice and the growing relevance of the UIA as the profession faces more challenges than ever before.

Architecture in the African Context

South African architect and UIA2014 Commissary General, Karen Eicker, discusses architecture as a process from an African perspective and how the 2014 UIA Congress sub-themes of Resilience, Ecology and Values are just the start of a larger conversation about architecture in sub-Saharan Africa, and the world.

Smart and Green Development and its Affect on Communities

Today, we’ll be talking with convention keynote speaker Majora Carter about how our profession can work toward more sustainable projects as well as those that can have a positive impact on low-income areas.

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  • A. Lira Luis, AIA

    RIBA-USA President (and past AIA NY International Committee Chair) to speak at Leapfrog From Disaster Symposium

    International Committee

    The Royal Institute of British Architects-USA President James Karl Fischer, RIBA, AIA, PhD , is a speaker in the Symposium. Dr. Fischer is dedicated to enhancing the participation of architects in... more

  • Yuen-Yung Li, AIA

    Interview with Elizabeth Minnis on the topic: One Mission - Justice with Dignity and Speed - A Strategic Plan in implementation mode

    Academy of Architecture for Justice

    It was my pleasure to have a phone interview with Elizabeth Minnis, the Deputy Commissioner at the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) in Massachusetts. In the upcoming AIA... more

  • Lauren Petrakis

    Getting Ready for the 2014 AIA AAJ Conference

    Academy of Architecture for Justice

    Hello! I am currently a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati, where I am pursuing a master's degree in Architecture. I am currently in my thesis year, and my research is focused on the... more

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    RE: Smoke compartment doors signage

    Posted in: Academy of Architecture for Health

    At Children's Medical Center in Dallas, we use a small decal about 2" square with a red "S" on a white background for the doors as a facility standard. These are placed a couple of inches below the...

  • photo not available

    RE: Smoke compartment doors signage

    Posted in: Academy of Architecture for Health

    I too agree - alternate location is to place it on the door frame header - like a bumper sticker. This will also allow for moving the location of the smoke barrier label at a later date when renovations...

  • Edward Shannon, AIA

    RE: Design Review

    Posted in: Small Project Practitioners

    Eric - I empathize with your frustrations. But it is really the marketplace that determines a houses value. Just because a home is unique and designed by an architect does not mean it will sell for...

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