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  • Call for Nominations DUE OCTOBER 15: 2016 AIA National Committees

    If you haven’t already seen the announcement, I’m passing along the link with a call for 2016 AIA National Committee nominations, including the Codes & Standards Committee. Ideally, the nomination is supported by the local component president, but you’re also more than welcome to self-nominate. Brief supporting materials are requested.

    Nominations are due Thursday, October 15 by 5:00pm EDT. This is a hard deadline with no exceptions, so please get your nomination(s) in ASAP!

    Please note that the nominations for all AIA National Committees are being processed through this webpage. Even if you have applied in the past, you must apply again through this webpage. Separate nominations are required for each committee to which one applies. Appointments will be made by the end of 2015. Applicants must be Architect or Associate AIA members.

    There are many other opportunities for national service not included here (awards, juries, etc.). For those specific appointments, separate calls for nominations are sent at certain times of the year; we will make sure you are aware of those opportunities as they arise.

    We hope you will consider this opportunity!

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