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2016 Fall Conference

ALOHA! Sharing Justice Architecture Best Practices
November 2-5, 2016 | The Modern – Honolulu

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In Hawaii, the word ALOHA expresses a multitude and mixture of wonderful meanings, feelings and spirits. It represents a fond welcoming to our islands as well as wishes for an equally pleasant stay and a safe journey home. It expresses a desire to open one’s heart to share what is valued most for the benefit of others. We look forward to that spirit bringing us together to share our knowledge with one another and contributing to establish better means and values for advancing best practices of Justice Architecture. It is hoped that when you leave Hawaii, you will have experienced a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in sharing your ideas as well as receiving the gift of knowledge from your colleagues.

The 2016 Academy of Architecture for Justice Conference provides a great opportunity for you to present and discover a host of best ideas and practices for courts, detention/correction and public safety facilities. It provides an occasion for you to also experience life in a far-off island state whose very existence is dependent upon maintaining a delicate balance of its natural environment, multi-racial cultures, resources, economic needs and respect for human values. There are vast and infinite approaches and methods; and by joining together, we can identify means of utilizing best practices to advance our knowledge toward creating excellent Justice Architecture.

As the “Crossroads of the Pacific”, Hawaii has always been a melting pot and a conduit for sharing ideas and cultures. The island of Oahu, also known as the “gathering place”, will hopefully provide you an opportunity to greet old friends and meet new ones. Please join us to relax, recharge, revitalize and be inspired to advance our practice of Justice Architecture.

Continuing This Year

Sustainable Justice Committee + Local Community Visioning Event

Building on the Restorative Justice Visioning Event in 2015, the Sustainable Justice Committee (SJC) is engaging key stakeholders to determine project objectives that best serve the community's long-term sustainability and resiliency. 

Opportunities for Emerging Professionals

As an extension of the AIA’s repositioning initiative to engage emerging professionals, the committee has sought to: select a forward focused theme and keynote speakers, provide speaking opportunities in current presentations and keynotes, provide financial incentives for both individuals and the firms to make travel feasible, increase interactivity during and outside of sessions, and coordinate special networking events for new attendee engagement. In fact, we believe these enhancements will benefit all attendees and welcome your feedback.

Need to Get in the Groove?

#iLookUp Film Challenge People's Choice Award “Mixed Plate Hawaii,” by Kaoru Lovett, Graham Hart, and Ronald Ribao, a film about how Hawaii’s diverse cultural heritage has proffered a diverse built environment over time or, as Lovett says, “life in four dimensions.”

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