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  • Darrel G. Odom AIA, LEED AP

    Curious how much of BIM's claimed features are actually used.....

    Posted in: Technology in Architectural Practice

    I have owned and used Revit since 2000, since Autodesk bought it in 2002, and since I uploaded my first object to in 2004. I got it because I could quickly get a 3D image to show my client...

  • Paul T. O'Brien Assoc. AIA

    RE: Digital Connectivity

    Posted in: Technology in Architectural Practice

    I'm about to roll out this very solution for our small firm. Coupled with some decent bandwidth, this is a great self-hosting solution for all sorts of things. I'm hoping to leverage not only the...

Latest Blogs

  • David Ross Scheer AIA

    Architecture as an ethics of technology

    Technology in Architectural Practice

    The following is an excerpt from my blog at related to my new book The Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation published by Routledge. Among the... more

  • photo not available

    Above-ceiling Digital 3D Models

    Technology in Architectural Practice

    Last year on the TAP, several members identified challenges in technical environments accessing and gathering information in concealed spaces, particularly above ceilings. The workflow we developed... more

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