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The Regional and Urban Design Committee (RUDC) aims to improve the quality of the regional and urban environment by promoting excellence in design, planning, and public policy in the built environment. This will be achieved through its member and public education, in concert with allied community and professional groups.


The 21st Century School | Monday October 21, 2013
The Maryland legislature approved $1.1 billion in funding for the revitalization of Baltimore city public schools, including the renovation or replacement of dozens of buildings. Construction on these projects is slated to begin in 2015. We look at best designs for the “21st century school,” and the creation of buildings that elevate learning while fostering a collaborative and technologically-driven environment. Listen to Podcast

Rising Sea Levels | Friday Sept. 20, 2013
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says sea level could rise more than six feet by the end of the century. Scientists in Maryland say it could rise as much as two feet by 2050. How should Maryland prepare?  Listen to Podcast

Gentrification and the Arts | Tuesday July 23, 2013
Are the artists who colonize Baltimore’s three official arts districts mere pawns in the gentrification of the city’s marginal neighborhoods? Will they end up getting pushed out after paving the way for others? Listen to Podcast

Movement and Place in Urban Design | Thursday March 28, 2013
A conversation with architect Klaus Philipsen about urban spaces and the need to move people around them and to them -- the challenges of retrofitting old cities like Baltimore for modern transportation systems while accommodating pedestrians and bikers. Listen to Podcast

Midday on Urban Design | Tuesday January 22, 2013
During the first in a new Midday series on urban design and planning, architect Klaus Philipsen, co-chair of the Urban Design Committee of the Baltimore chapter of the American Institute of Architects, talks about the role design plays in city life and Baltimore's future. Listen to Podcast



The Institute Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Design recognize distinguished achievements that involve the expanding role of the architect in urban design, city planning, and community development. The awards identify projects and programs that contribute to the quality of the urban environment. Learn moreThe submission deadline for the Institute Honor Awards has passed. 


Resilient Design: The Regional and Urban Scale Webinar Resources

The historically the foundation of the architectural and planning profession began with the designing of buildings and cities that fit and functioned with its place - its location, its climate. Climate change and the associated impacts, along with exponential population growth and the over-consumption of resources associated with that growth, is rapidly degrading the system balance. This balance contributes to economic stability, natural resource renewal and our quality of life. This out-of-balance, stresses the natural systems ability to provide the basic services essential for life - clean water, air and a productive soil.
For thousands of years architects have been ingenious in their ability to design solutions that solve for environmental challenges. Recent examples are the green and sustainable design movement focused on solving challenges of creating healthy, energy efficient buildings.

Resilient design incorporates those missions but also includes the designs' ability to adapt to changing conditions.
In general systems theory the process is to start by understanding the system larger than the project - for example when working on a building-site design first learn the urban pattern it is part of.

Resilient design is a design initiative and philosophy that is informed by the larger system. Region to urban, urban to neighborhood, neighborhood to architecture - each informed by the other.

Resilient design builds on our professions history by promoting adaptive and adoptive solutions to architecture and the urban and regional scale - design challenges that are responsive to dynamic and changing conditions at a scale commensurate with the challenge.

See the National Building Museum poll on What Makes a City Intelligent

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    Sustainability & First Ring Suburbs

    Regional and Urban Design Committee

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  • Allen E Neyman AIA

    RE: 21 measures to add pedestrian safety

    Posted in: Regional and Urban Design Committee

    This is great stuff. What we can do as designers for change does not have to involve massive capital intensive projects. Re-marking lanes, smart signage, creating safer pedestrian zones with painted...

  • photo not available

    21 measures to add pedestrian safety

    Posted in: Regional and Urban Design Committee

    Friday, December 12, 2014 21 Measures for Pedestrian Safety (in Baltimore or Anywhere) There is hardly a city left in America that doesn't have a Complete Streets policy, and Baltimore ...

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