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AIA Advocacy and Government Relations

This community gathered around issues the AIA is lobbying for in Washington, in State Legislatures, and City Halls.

Architectural Bloggers

This is a group for all of those architects and associate members who are interested in blogging and social media. The idea is to share experiences and have a forum for questions and comments on how and why to blog.

Architecture Foundations

This group was created to explore and support the synergies between chapters and foundations would cover unexplored ground that could greatly benefit many communities.

Codes and Standards

Building codes and standards affect every aspect of professional practice, acting as the minimum standard of care that AIA members must meet as licensed professionals. As the AIA engages in the codes and standards development process with ICC and other organizations, this community portal will serve as the gathering place and clearinghouse for codes related activities and discussions.

K-12 Architectural Education and Outreach

The K-12 Architectural Education and Outreach Community provides a forum for individuals and organizations with a dedication for kindergarten thru twelfth grade architectural education and outreach to connect with each other. Members are encouraged to share ideas, curriculum, challenges and succeesses with in-school and extracurricular programs and events that enlighten and educate K-12 students, families, and educators about architecture, sustainability and/or design.

Under this community, we welcome discussions on the events that you and/or your organizations provide to the public, such as student architectural tours, youth architecture fairs, career days and design competitions, and your programs with a focus on more extensive, long-term involvement in public, private and charter schools. Our goal is to learn from and inspire each other.

Modular and Prefabricated Architecture Group

Modular and prefabricated construction have long been of theoretical interest to architects. The recent interest and growth of supporting industries and the recent construction of substantial modular buildings in the US and abroad likely means this method of construction is reaching a tipping point in implementation. The Modular and Prefabricated Architecture Group has been established to provide a central location where architects and allied professionals can share, learn and push the state of the art of off-site construction to new architectural levels.

Native American Design (NAD)

The mission of the Native American Design (NAD) community is to foster design innovation and share knowledge in the area of community planning, architecture and interiors.


Self identified presenters can stay connected to the myriad of AIA national, AIA component and external calls for presentations; network and connect with potential co-presenters; share peer-to-peer best practices; receive notice of AIA media opportunities - all by simply joining this community.

Public Interest Design

This site serves as a resource and landing page for public interest design content and offers a means for participants to communicate on topics including: pro bono design services, crowd funding, and sustainable practices.

Repositioning the Architect

The AIA is pursuing a year-long initiative exploring the perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, needs, and value of "the Architect". We’re seeking your opinion as members of the profession (AIA Members and Non-Members), as well as Emerging Professionals, Architecture Students and Faculty, and Architects who have migrated to other fields. We’ll also reach out to clients, perspective clients and the public in general in order to gain some stronger level of insight as to the collectively perceived "purpose" of our profession.
We seek to determine if there may be gaps in perception among ourselves and among non-architects about who architects are, what architects do, what needs we address (or perhaps needs we should address and don't currently), and what opportunities should we pursue (or not) to close these gaps and ensure the ongoing relevancy of our profession in a rapidly changing world.
This forum is intended to provide for an open-ended, broad dialogue as a source of input to this investigation -- we seek your thoughts and opinions to help inform our pursuit of this very encompassing goal.
We will be posting questions or statements intended to help prompt discussion. (At this point, we're just letting you know we are here and gathering any initial response to this undertaking.) Let’s hear from you.

Universal Design

Universal Design has been defined as “the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.” This definition was developed by the architect Ron Mace, FAIA, an architect and the founder of the Center for Universal Design at N.C. State University. In recent years, architects and designers in the US and abroad have come to recognize significant and growing overlaps between Universal Design principles and emerging values of social and environmental sustainability.


This community is a place to learn, ask, and discover more about maintaining your community's website.