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  3/4 opening protective at fire escapesNov 06, 2013 3:27 PMJudy Coutts AIA

3/4 opening protective at fire escapes
From: Judy Coutts AIA
To: Small Project Practitioners
Posted: Nov 06, 2013 3:27 PM
Subject: 3/4 opening protective at fire escapes
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I'm working on an existing building that has an existing fire escape as one of the means of egress from the upper level apartments. Section 3406.5 of the IBC requires windows along the fire escape to be protected with 3/4 hour opening protectives. Section 715.5.4 outlines how such a window would be constructed. Does anyone have experience with an alternative compliance method or with this issue and how the code officials apply the code? For this building, this means we might have steel windows for some of the openings and wood in the remainder. While the building is not designated as historic, the owner does want to maintain that appearance. Your input will be appreciated; thank you!

Judy Coutts AIA
Firm Owner/Architect
Judy Coutts, AIA
Altoona PA
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