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The Committee on the Environment (COTE) works to advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the profession, the building industry, the academy, and the public—design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment.

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James J. Malanaphy III AIA

During the month of June, HRC Chair Peyton Hall, FAIA helped AIA Advocacy and Government Affairs staff...

James J. Malanaphy III AIA

2014 NRS Holland Prize Competition Poster

Kayla S. Friedman AIA

A flyer advertising the IDBE 20th anniversary scholarship competition which can be distributed, printed,...

Jake Lara

Lara Engineering and Architecture

This is a powerpoint presentation of a potential business model for my "Employee to Entrepreneur"...

James S. Stanislaski AIA

Presentation file for session held at BSA on July 13, 2012

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AIA Contract Documents Release New Sustainable Project (SP) Documents

AIA Contract Documents just released Sustainable Project (SP) versions of the Construction Manager as Adviser (CMa) and the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) documents. The CMc and CMa delivery models are beneficial for sustainable projects because the construction manager’s involvement in the early stages of the project results in collaboration between the owner, the architect and the construction manager in development of the owner’s sustainable objective and the sustainability process.

New! 2013 COTE Scholar Report

This report seeks to better understand successful project delivery and cost management strategies for high-performance buildings through a series of case studies and a litera¬ture review. Two primary questions drove the research:

1. To what extent is Integrated Project Delivery [IPD] implemented in high- performance building projects, and why aren’t teams using it in its truest form?

2. What integration strategies are most common and effective in high-performance projects?

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