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About Us

The mission of the AIA Center for Civic Leadership is to advance leadership among architects to promote livable, healthy, sustainable, and quality-designed environments for future generations through community participation and advocacy.

In coordination with the CCL Mission Statement, the goal of the CCL is to focus on the three main aspects identified for architects to become more involved as leaders –

1) the development of a Leadership Institute,
2) identification, recognition, and promotion of Citizen Architects, and
3) the evaluation, creation, and maintenance of Leadership Resources.

Although CCL volunteer members are instrumental in the development of all three of these aspects of leadership, AIA staff will be critical to maintain consistent coordination of CCL programs, database assistance, and the assurance that AIA members receive a cohesive message about architects as leaders in their professional, community, or political spheres.

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Build AIA’s Leadership Library

Is your component doing good work on civic leadership? Are you developing your leaders’ interpersonal skills, community leadership techniques, organizational partnerships or advocacy strengths? If so, the AIA Center for Civic Leadership wants to share your success stories! Contact Kimberly Yoho at for more information.

Leadership program map will be highlighted on this AIA Knowledge Net.

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Creating a Citizen Architect Committee

This handbook guides AIA Components on how to set up an organizational structure that encourages and supports civic engagement.

Local Leaders in Sustainability

Local Leaders in Sustainability is the AIA's research series on green building policy at the local level.

Living Your Life as a Leader

The AIA's leadership handbook serves as a reference and guide to your personal leadership development.


Citizen Architect on the Move Podcast

Listen to Citizen Architects discuss the interplay between civic engagement and architectural practice.

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