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James J. Malanaphy III AIA

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Young Architect Karen E. Williams,AIA

The AIA Young Architect Award recognizes emerging professionals who have been licensed architects for fewer than 10 years and have shown great leadership in design, in education, and in civic and professional involvement. We have one such young leader here today - Karen E. Williams, AIA.

The Global Profession

Albert Dubler, Hon. AIA, 2011-2014 President of the International Union of Architects, speaks from Durban, South Africa with Andrew Caruso, AIA, about global architectural practice and the growing relevance of the UIA as the profession faces more challenges than ever before.

Architecture in the African Context

South African architect and UIA2014 Commissary General, Karen Eicker, discusses architecture as a process from an African perspective and how the 2014 UIA Congress sub-themes of Resilience, Ecology and Values are just the start of a larger conversation about architecture in sub-Saharan Africa, and the world.

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  • Ann Kirsten Thompson

    The Best Online Overview Of Norwegian Architecture

    Committee on Design

    COD members who attend the Norway conference in June will be treated to an in-person overview of current work there but for those who can't wait, or who can't attend, one of the best resources online... more

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    The Power of Informed Design

    Technical Design for Building Performance

    As a 30 year veteran of the architecture profession I see no way around the root fact that design with a capital ‘D’ is the primary reason buildings work or do not work. Behind the scene decisions... more

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  • Bob Gorman

    Designing and Building an Aged Care Home: Important Considerations

    Committee on Architecture for Education

    When family has to put a loved one into an aged care home, they are often scared, confused and overwhelmed with making the right choice. When building an aged care home, you'll want to make sure... more

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  • F. Michael Ayles AIA

    A message to 2015 Grassroots participants ...

    Posted in: Center for Civic Leadership

    ... WELCOME to our FIRST discussion post of 2015. This message is specifically for you! If you are reading this post, there is a good chance it is because of a red postcard you picked up about...

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    RE: Bill Clinton - Another Bad Idea

    Posted in: Small Project Practitioners

    Dear Mr. Hainsfurther, Thank you for your your continued efforts to confront and illuminate the number of misrepresentations and distortions that have been hoisted upon this forum by some members...

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    Research about sustainable flooring

    Posted in: Committee on the Environment

    Dear Interior Designer or Architect: I am a Master's student in Interior Design at the University of Oklahoma and I am conducting research about the use of sustainable flooring in hospitality practice....

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