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About 2030

AIA 2030 Commitment

The AIA 2030 Commitment is a growing national initiative that provides a consistent, national framework with simple metrics and a standardized reporting format to help firms evaluate the impact design decisions have on an individual project's energy performance. The profession can’t meet radical building energy use reduction targets one project at a time and architects are embracing the challenge at hand by thinking differently about sustainable design. Will you join them?

2030 Progress Report

Annual Report

Have you seen the most recent 2030 Progress report?  Check it out below!

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Who has Committed?

Who Has Committed?

Connect with other firms who have joined the AIA 2030 Commitment.

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Architecture 2030

Learn more about Architecture 2030

The AIA 2030 Commitment is AIA's response to the 2030 Challenge.  AIA wanted to help architects meet the
goals of the challenge.

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2014 Reporting
While we continue to work towards delivering a high-quality tool that meets your reporting needs, the AIA 2030 Design Data Exchange (DDx) needs several refinements before its debut. In this transitional period, we are presenting another option to report 2014 data.

For any firms ready to begin compiling data, we are again offering our AIA 2030 reporting spreadsheet for immediate download. All data reported via the spreadsheet will be imported into the AIA 2030 DDx online portal after the reporting cycle. To ensure a smooth and seamless data migration, please ensure all required information is included and the spreadsheet is not altered in any way. The following project data is required for 2014 reporting:

   • Project Name/Identifier
   • Country
   • Project Design Phase
   • Zip Code (US Projects)
   • Building Use Type
   • Building Area
   • Energy Modeling Status
   • Energy Baseline (EUI)
   • Design Energy (pEUI)
   • Will Energy Use Data be Collected
   • LPD Baseline (Interiors Only Projects)
   • LPD (Interiors Only Projects)
   • Design Energy Code

We will provide additional updates as we finalize the launch of the AIA 2030 DDx, and training on how to use the portal will be provided in February. If you have any thoughts, comments or visions for future reports, we encourage you to post to the 2030 Commitment Discussion Forum. The deadline for 2014 submissions is March 31, 2015. For additional information, email us at 2030Commitment@aia.org.

2030 Reports

Measuring Industry Progress Towards 2030  

2013 Report   
Released Oct 2014
2012 Report  
Released Oct 2013
2011 Report 
Released May 2012
2010 Report
Released May 2011

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